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Meaning of Coverage

In insurance law, the term is used to include both risks insured against and monetary amount of insurance. Refers not only to risk of loss or type of risks assumed but also includes dollar limits of liability or amounts of indemnity .

Synonyms of Coverage

(Insurance), noun

  • act of promisemaking
  • amount for which anything is insured
  • assurance
  • backing
  • bond
  • covenant
  • guarantee
  • guaranty
  • indemnity
  • obligation
  • pledge
  • promise
  • promise to pay
  • protection
  • reassurance
  • reinsurance
  • safeguard
  • security against loss
  • support
  • surety
  • undertaking
  • underwriting
  • warrant
  • warranty Associated Concepts: blanket coverage
  • casualty coverage
  • comprehensive coverage
  • extended coverage
  • fire coverage
  • theft coverage

(Scope), noun

  • accommodation
  • act of compassing
  • act of comprehending
  • act of containing
  • act of embracing
  • act of encircling
  • act of encompassing
  • act of engrossing
  • act of spanning
  • act of subsuming
  • act of surrounding
  • ambit
  • bounds
  • capacity
  • circulation
  • circumscription
  • composition
  • comprehension
  • comprehensiveness
  • comprisal
  • domain
  • dominion
  • embodiment
  • embrace
  • enclosure
  • encompassment
  • envelopment
  • expanse
  • extent of view
  • fact of comprehending
  • field
  • formation
  • grasp
  • inclusion
  • inclusiveness
  • inclusivity
  • incorporation
  • latitude
  • measure
  • participation
  • province
  • purview
  • range
  • range of view
  • reach
  • realm
  • region
  • room
  • space
  • sphere
  • spread
  • sweep
  • that which is comprehended
  • view
  • volume
  • wide currency
  • zone

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