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  • Decisions

    Hierarchical Display of ECSC individual Decision European Union > European construction > European Communities > ECSC Meaning of ECSC individual Decision Overview and more information about ECSC individual Decision For a more comprehensive understanding of ECSC individual Decision, see in […]

  • Deputy Speaker of Parliament

    Hierarchical Display of Deputy Speaker of Parliament Politics > Parliament > Composition of parliament > Bureau of parliamentEuropean Union > EU institutions and European civil service > EU institution > European Parliament > Bureau of the EP > Vice-President of the EP Meaning of Deputy […]

  • Designation of Origin

    Hierarchical Display of Designation of origin Trade > Marketing > MarketingAgri-Foodstuffs > Beverages and sugar > Beverage > Alcoholic beverage > Wine > Wine of superior qualityTrade > Consumption > Consumer > Consumer protection > Product qualityTrade > Consumption > Consumer > […]

  • Defence Policy

    Defence Policy

    Resources Legal English Vocabulary: defence policy in Spanish Online translation of the English legal term defence policy into Spanish: política de defensa (English to Spanish translation) . More about legal dictionary from english to spanish online. Related to the Legal Thesaurus […]

  • Desiccated Product

    Hierarchical Display of Desiccated product Agri-Foodstuffs > Foodstuff > Processed foodstuffAgri-Foodstuffs > Food technology > Food technology > Food preserving > DehydrationAgri-Foodstuffs > Processed agricultural produce > Milk product > Powdered milk Meaning of Desiccated product […]

  • Dependent Territory

    Dependent territory in Law EnforcementMain Entry: Law Enforcement in the Legal Dictionary. This section provides, in the context of Law Enforcement, a partial definition of dependent territory.ResourcesSee AlsoLaw Enforcement Officer Policeman Law Enforcement Agency Further Reading dependent […]

  • Defence Statistics

    Hierarchical Display of Defence statistics International Relations > Defence > Defence policyEconomics > Economic analysis > Statistics Meaning of Defence statistics Overview and more information about Defence statistics For a more comprehensive understanding of Defence statistics, see in […]

  • Dealer

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Dealer Meaning of Dealer One who buys to sell again; one who trades in, buys or sells goods on his own account . Brown & Zortman machinery Co. v Citv of Pittsburgh, 100 A.2d 98, 375 Pa. 250. <div […]

  • Debt Reduction

    Hierarchical Display of Debt reduction Finance > Monetary relations > International finance > External debtFinance > Public finance and budget policy > Public debt > Redemption of public debt Meaning of Debt reduction Overview and more information about Debt reduction For a more […]

  • Decommissioning of Power Stations

    Hierarchical Display of Decommissioning of power stations Energy > Energy policy > Energy policyEnergy > Electrical and nuclear industries > Nuclear power station Meaning of Decommissioning of power stations Overview and more information about Decommissioning of power stations For a more […]

  • Decentralised Cooperation

    Hierarchical Display of Decentralised cooperation International Relations > Cooperation policy > Cooperation policy Meaning of Decentralised cooperation Overview and more information about Decentralised cooperation For a more comprehensive understanding of Decentralised cooperation, see in […]

  • Dental Medicine

    Hierarchical Display of Dental medicine Social Questions > Health > Medical science > Medicine > Medical specialisationSocial Questions > Health > Medical science > Health care profession > Dentist Meaning of Dental medicine Overview and more information about Dental medicine For a more […]

  • Derogation From EU Law

    Hierarchical Display of Derogation from EU law European Union > European Union law > EU law > Application of EU law Meaning of Derogation from EU law Overview and more information about Derogation from EU law For a more comprehensive understanding of Derogation from EU law, see in the […]

  • Degree of Pollution

    Hierarchical Display of Degree of pollution Environment > Environmental policy > Pollution control measures > Pollution controlEnvironment > Deterioration of the environment > PollutionEnvironment > Deterioration of the environment > Nuisance > Noise > Noise level Meaning of Degree of […]

  • Defamation

    The publication of a statement which tends to lower a person in the estimation of right thinking members of society generally, or which tends to make them shun or avoid that person. Defamation is either libel or slander . See libel and slander.