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Meaning of Decision

A judgment or decree or order pronounced by a court in settlement of a controversy submitted to it. Act of deciding or settling a dispute or question by giving the judgment; the act of making up one’s mind; a judgment or conclusion reached or given; a determination . Hankenson v board of Ed., 134 N.E.2d 356, 10/ll.App.2d79.

Decision Alternative Definition

In practice. A judgment given by a competent tribunal. The French lawyers call the opinions which they give on questions propounded to them, decisions. See Inst. 1. 2. 8; Dig. 1. 2. 2.

Synonyms of Decision


  • adjudgment
  • adjudication
  • arbitrament
  • arbitrium
  • conclusion
  • declaration
  • decree
  • decretum
  • deliberate choice
  • determination
  • dictation
  • diiudicatio
  • finding
  • judgment
  • opinion
  • order
  • pronouncement by a court
  • resolution
  • ruling
  • settlement
  • that which is decided
  • verdict
  • Associated Concepts: administrative decision
  • aggrieved by a decision
  • appeal from a decision
  • arbitrary decision
  • avoidance of unneccessary decisions
  • award
  • capricious decision
  • conclusive decision
  • court decisions
  • decision after trial
  • decision against law
  • decision by the court
  • decision finally determining rights of the parties
  • decision of the referee
  • decision upon the merits
  • decisions and opinions of court
  • declaratory judgment
  • decree judgment
  • discriminatory decision
  • final decision
  • findings
  • interlocutory decision
  • judicial decision
  • memorandum decision
  • opinion
  • order
  • per curiam decision
  • ratio decidendi
  • retroactive decision
  • stare decisis
  • unanimous decision foreign phrases: Respiciendum est judicanti ne quid aut durius aut remissius constituatur quam causa deposcit; nec enim aut severitatis aut clementiaegloria affect anda est
  • It is a matter of import to a judge that nothing should be either more leniently or more severely construed than the cause itself demands; for the glory neither of severity nor clemency should be effected
  • Judicis est in pronuntiando sequi regulam
  • exceptione non probata
  • The judge in his decision ought to follow tne rule
  • the exception not having been proved
  • Judicia posteriora sunt in legefortiora
  • The more recent decisions are the stronger in law
  • Cum par delictum est duorum
  • semper oneratur petitor
  • et melior habetur possessoris causa
  • Where both parties are equally at fault
  • the claimant always has the burden
  • and the one in possession has the better cause
  • Judices non tenentur exprimere causam sententiae suae
  • Judges are not bound to explain the reasons for their sentences
  • Judex bonus nihil ex arbitrio suo faciat
  • neo proposito domesticae voluntatis
  • A good judge should do nothing of his own arbitrary will
  • nor on the dictate of his personal wishes
  • but should decide according to law and justice
  • Judex debet judicare secundum allegata et probata
  • A judge ought to decide according to the allegations and the proofs
  • A judge ought to decide according to the allegations and the proofs

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decision in other One-L Dictionary

A judicial or agency determination or tooling made after consideration of the facts and the law

decision from the Washington and Lee University School of Law Dictionary.

Decision in the One-L Dictionary

An authoritative ruling (such as a judgment) that a court makes after a consideration of fact and/or law.

Note: This Decision definition in the One-L Dictionary for new law students is from Harvard Law School (HLS).

English Spanish Translation of Decision

Dictamen, fallo

Find other English to Spanish translations from the Pocket Spanish English Legal Dictionary (print and online), the English to Spanish to English dictionaries (like Decision) and the Word reference legal translator.

Meaning of Decision in the U.S. Legal System

Definition of Decision published by the National Association for Court Management: The judgment reached or given by a court of law.

Meaning of Decision in Spanish

Description/ translation of decision into Spanish: término genérico que incluye tanto las resoluciones interlocutorias (= ruling, order, decree, es decir, autos) como la sentencia que pone fin al proceso (= judgement, es decir, sentencia); conclusive decision: decisión inapelable, irrecurrible[1]

Note: for more information on related terms and on the area of law where decision belongs (criminal procedure law), in Spanish, see here.

Notes and References

  1. Translation of Decision published by Antonio Peñaranda

Definition of Decision

In relation to social issues, a meaning of decision is provided here: a conclusion or judgment reached after consideration of alternatives.

Decision in Global Commerce Policy

In this regard, decision is: one of the means available to the European Community to enforce its mandate. The entries on trade policy are here. A decision is binding only on those to whom it is addressed. This may be a member state, a single company or an individual. See also European Community legislation.[1]

Decisionin the wold Encyclopedia

For an introductory overview on international trade policy, see this entry.


Notes and References

  1. Dictionary of Trade Policy, “Decision” entry (OAS)

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