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Meaning of Abide

To await the result of; accept the consequences; comply with a decision .

Synonyms of Abide


  • accept
  • acknowledge
  • acquiesce
  • adhere
  • agree
  • assent
  • carry into execution
  • comply
  • concur
  • conform
  • cooperate
  • endure
  • execute
  • follow
  • heed
  • obey
  • observe
  • perform
  • permit
  • respect
  • sanction
  • stare
  • submit
  • subscribe to
  • suffer
  • tolerate
  • yield
  • Associated Concepts: abiding conviction

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What does Abide mean in American Law?

The definition of Abide in the law of the United States, as defined by the lexicographer Arthur Leff in his legal dictionary is:

One primary meaning is “to dwell”; one abides in an abode. This is the primary meaning in phrases like abiding conviction, abiding faith, and abiding place. Another legal meaning of abide connects with the idea of obeying, willingly putting oneself in conformity with, e.g., to “abide the judgment” of a court. But there is a flavor of “await” in some contexts. For instance, the common phrase “costs to abide the event [or result]” found in appellate decisions which reverse and remand for further proceedings, means that the costs of the appellate proceeding (though not necessarily all costs of the whole proceeding) are to be paid by whichever party finally loses after those further proceedings are completed. Hence the phrase can be read to mean “the determination of who pays costs will await the final determination of the underlying action.”



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