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Meaning of Legislation

The act of making laws and passing enactments by a legislative body. Enactments or acts of Congress or enactments of various state legislatures.

Synonyms of Legislation

(Enactments), noun

  • acts
  • bills
  • body oflaws enacted
  • canon
  • canons
  • codes
  • dictates
  • laws
  • measures
  • ordinances
  • prescripts
  • provisions of a law
  • regulations
  • rulings
  • statutes

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Legislation in Law Enforcement

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This term is a noun.

Etimology of Legislation

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1650s, “the enacting of laws,” from French législation (14c.), from Late Latin legislationem (nominative legislatio), properly two words, legis latio, “a proposing (literally ‘bearing’) of a law;” see legislator. Meaning “the product of legislative action” is from 1838.


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Meaning of Legislation in Canada

In this country (and some others), a meaning of Legislation may be the following: Preparation and enactment of laws.


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Hierarchical Display of Legislation

Law > Sources and branches of the law > Source of law
Politics > Parliamentary proceedings > Legislative procedure
Politics > Political framework > Political philosophy > Separation of powers > Legislative power

Meaning of Legislation

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Thesaurus of Legislation

Law > Sources and branches of the law > Source of law > Legislation
Politics > Parliamentary proceedings > Legislative procedure > Legislation
Politics > Political framework > Political philosophy > Separation of powers > Legislative power > Legislation

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