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Meaning of Determination

extinguishment , putting an end to. In contract law, the determination of an agreement is the extinguishment of the same by judicial pronouncement after the contract has been affirmed; distinct from rescission . A judicial decision that finally decides on the controversy in the case. Bunn v Bunn, 587 P.2d 1245, 99 Idaho 710.

Determination Alternative Definition

The decision of a court of justice. The end, the conclusion, of a right of authority; as, the determination of a lease. Comyn, Dig. “Estates by Grant” (G 10, 11, 12). The determination of an authority is the end of the authority given; the end of the return-day of a writ determines the authorty of the sheriflf; the death of the principal determines the authority of a mere attorney.

Synonyms of Determination


  • adjudgment
  • adjudication
  • appraisal
  • appraisement
  • appreciation
  • apprisement
  • apprizement
  • arbitrium
  • ascertainment
  • assessment
  • authoritative estimate
  • authoritative opinion
  • award
  • conclusion
  • consideration
  • considered opinion
  • consilium
  • conviction
  • court decision
  • decision
  • declaration
  • decree
  • diagnosis
  • evaluation
  • final assessment
  • finding
  • institutum
  • iudicium
  • judgment
  • judgment on facts
  • opinion
  • order
  • pronouncement
  • reasoned judgment
  • reckoning
  • recommendation
  • resolution
  • resolve
  • result
  • result ascertained
  • ruling
  • sentence
  • settlement
  • solution
  • verdict
  • Associated Concepts: actual determination
  • determination of a suit
  • determination of claims
  • determination of fact
  • determination of guilt
  • final determination
  • judicial determination
  • official determination
  • review a determination
  • selfdetermination
  • foreign phrases: Judicia in deliberationibus crebro maturescunt
  • in acceleratoprocessu nunquam
  • Judgments frequently mature by deliberations
  • never by hurried process
  • Deaudiendoetterminando
  • To hear and determine
  • In propria causa nemojudexMo one can be judge in his own case

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This term is a noun.

Etimology of Determination

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mid-14c., “decision, sentence,” from Old French déterminacion (14c.) “determination, settlement, definition,” from Latin determinationem (nominative determinatio) “conclusion, boundary,” noun of action from past participle stem of determinare “to enclose, bound, set limits to” (see determine). As “a bringing to an end” (especilly of a suit at law), late 15c. As “fixed direction toward a goal,” from 1650s, originally in physics or anatomy; metaphoric sense “fixation of will” is from 1680s; that of “quality of being resolute” is from 1822.


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