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  • Administrative order

    The administrative agency equivalent of an order of court….

  • Directive (EU)

    Hierarchical Display of Directive (EU) European Union > European Union law > EU actEuropean Union > European Union law > EU law > Approximation of lawsEuropean Union > European Union law > EU law > Application of EU law > National implementing measureEuropean Union > European Union […]

  • Decree

    Decree in Law EnforcementMain Entry: Law Enforcement in the Legal Dictionary. This section provides, in the context of Law Enforcement, a partial definition of decree.ResourcesSee AlsoLaw Enforcement Officer Policeman Law Enforcement Agency Further Reading decree in A Dictionary of Law […]

  • Decision (EU)

    Hierarchical Display of Decision (EU) European Union > European Union law > EU actLaw > Sources and branches of the law > Source of law > Legislation > Regulation > Decision Meaning of Decision (EU) Overview and more information about Decision (EU) For a more comprehensive understanding of […]

  • Decision


    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Decision Meaning of Decision A judgment or decree or order pronounced by a court in settlement of a controversy submitted to it. Act of deciding or settling a dispute or question by giving the judgment; […]

  • Directive

    nounbehest bidding charge command commandment declaration decree decretal demand dictate direction edict enjoinment fiat hest imperative instructi…