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Meaning of Income

The return in money from one’s business , labor or capital invested; gains, profits or private revenue . Wells v Wells, 148 P.2d 126, 65 Cal.App.2d 113.

Income Alternative Definition

The gain which proceeds from labor, business, or property of any kind. 44 Pa. St. 347. It is as large a word as can be used to denote a person’s receipts (21 Ch. Div. 85), and means “gross income,” not “profits” (18 Wend. [N. Y.] 605), though the contrary has been held (5 Mete. [Mass.] 596).

Synonyms of Income


  • business profits
  • commercial profits
  • compensation
  • earnings
  • financial remuneration
  • financial resources
  • gain derived from capital
  • gain derived from labor
  • gains
  • gross return
  • increase in amount of wealth
  • money coming in
  • net return
  • pay
  • payment
  • pecunia
  • periodic returns from property or labor
  • proceeds
  • profit from conversion of assets
  • profit from sale
  • profits
  • profits of commerce
  • quaestus
  • receipts
  • remuneration
  • return in money
  • return on capital
  • revenue
  • salary
  • sale proceeds
  • something produced by capital
  • value received
  • vectigal
  • wage
  • wages
  • wealth Associated Concepts: accumulated income
  • actual income
  • aggregate income
  • annual net income
  • current income
  • deferred income
  • division of income
  • estimated income
  • garnishment of income
  • gross income
  • income bearing property
  • income execution
  • income tax
  • income tax evasion
  • income yield
  • legacy
  • life income
  • net income

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Real Income in the Economic Activity

An introductory concept of Real Income may be: income measured by what it can actually buy, rather than by the amount of money

Income Definition (in the Accounting Vocabulary)

The New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants offers the following definition of Income in a way that is easy for anybody to understand: Inflow of REVENUE during a period of time.

Concept of Income in the context of Real Property

A short definition of Income: Generally, any increase in the assets of a person or corporation caused by labor, sales, or return on invested funds. May be different for tax purposes.

Concept of Income in the context of Real Property

A short definition of Income: Generally, any increase in the assets of a person or corporation caused by labor, sales, or return on invested funds. May be different for tax purposes.


This term is a noun.

Etimology of Income

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c. 1300, “entrance, arrival,” literally “a coming in;” see in (adverb) + come (verb). Perhaps a noun use of the late Old English verb incuman “come in, enter.” Meaning “money made through business or labor” (i.e., “that which ‘comes in’ as payment for work or business”) first recorded c. 1600. Compare German einkommen “income,” Swedish inkomst. Income tax is from 1790, introduced in Britain during the Napoleonic wars, re-introduced 1842; in U.S. levied by the federal government 1861-72, authorized on a national level in 1913.


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