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Meaning of Officer

The incumbent of an office ; one who is lawfully invested with an office

Officer Alternative Definition

The incumbent of an office. The term is ordinarily applied to the incumbent of a public office, though it may be otherwise applied, as to the officer of a corporation. A public officer is one occupying a public office, to whom a portion of the sovereign power is delegated, and whose duties are continuous in their nature, and prescribed by law. The distinction between an officer and a government employee is that the duties of the former are fixed by law, and not by contract. 22 Conn. 379; 36 Miss. 273; 42 N. Y. Super. Ct. 481. Executive Officers. Those whose duties are mainly to cause the laws to be executed. For example, the president of the United States of America, and the several governors of the different states, are executive officers. Their duties are pointed out in the national constitution, and in the constitutions of the several states. Legislative Officers. Those whose duties relate mainly to the enactment of laws, such as members of congress and of the several state legislatures. These officers are confined in their duties, by the constitution, generally to make laws ; though sometimes, in cases of impeachment, one of the houses of the legislature exercises judicial functions somewhat similar to those of a grand jury, by presenting to the other articles of impeachment, and the other house acts as a court in trying such impeachments. The legislatures have, besides, the power to inquire into the conduct of their members, judge of their elections, and the like. Judicial Officers. Those whose duties are to decide controversies between individuals, and accusations made in the name of the public against persons charged with a violation of the law. Ministerial Officers. Those whose duty it is to execute the mandates, lawfully is.sued, of their superiors. Military Officers. Those who have command in the army. I- Naval Officers. Those who are in command in the navy.

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Officer of the law: Agente de la Ley

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This term is a noun.

Etimology of Officer

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early 14c., “one who holds an office” (originally a high office), from Old French oficier “officer, official” (early 14c.), from Medieval Latin officarius “an officer,” from Latin officium “a service, a duty” (see office). The military sense is first recorded 1560s. Applied to petty officials of justice from 16c.; U.S. use in reference to policemen is from 1880s.



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