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Meaning of Operate

To act or function, especially with force or influence or control . To control the workings or function of, such as, a machine , a motor vehicle .

Synonyms of Operate


  • accomplish
  • achieve
  • act
  • act upon
  • administer
  • administrate
  • assume responsibility
  • attain
  • bring about
  • caretake
  • carry into execution
  • carry on
  • carry out
  • cause
  • command
  • conduct
  • control
  • deal with
  • direct
  • discharge
  • do
  • drive
  • effect
  • effectuate
  • enforce
  • engage in
  • engineer
  • execute
  • exercise
  • exercise power over
  • exert
  • fulfill
  • function
  • govern
  • handle
  • have charge of
  • impel
  • implement
  • lead
  • look after
  • manage
  • maneuver
  • manipulate
  • mastermind
  • militate
  • minister
  • move
  • officiate
  • oversee
  • perform
  • perpetrate
  • pilot
  • practice
  • preside over
  • prevail over
  • put into effect
  • put into practice
  • regulate
  • rule
  • run
  • steer
  • superintend
  • supervise
  • take care of
  • take charge of
  • work Associated Concepts: operate to the detriment of a party

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