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  • Board of Directors

    See alsoA group of individuals elected by stockholders, who as a body manage… (Read more)…

  • Criminal Court

    See alsoA government tribunal empowered to administer justice in connection with public wrongs,… (Read more)…

  • Marriage

    Legal Definition of Marianismo Meaning of Marianismo The Spanish and Latin American ideal of women being modest, restrained, virtuous, and nurturing. Women are expected to be sexually abstinent before marriage and passive in response to their […]

  • Assessment

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Assessment Meaning of Assessment The act or process of fixing or ascertaining the value , measure or proportion or interest of any thing or person . In relation to corporations, the term may refer to […]

  • Bond


    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Bond Meaning of Bond A contract under seal to pay a sum of money ; a contract under seal acknowledging a debt, present or future. This is a single bond. A double bond is one where there is a condition […]

  • Contract

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Contract Meaning of Contract A deliberate engagement between competent parties upon a legal consideration to do or abstain from doing some act. It is essential to the creation of a contract that the […]

  • Defamation

    The publication of a statement which tends to lower a person in the estimation of right thinking members of society generally, or which tends to make them shun or avoid that person. Defamation is either libel or slander . See libel and slander.

  • Counterfeiting

    See alsoSee forgery and counterfeiting (in U.S. law) …. (Read more)…

  • Fraud

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Fraud Meaning of Fraud In widest sense, the term denotes an infraction of the rules of fair dealing. while it is impossible to find a definition of fraud to embrace all f.r.s. that it may adopt , for it […]

  • Collective Bargaining

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Collective Bargaining Meaning of Collective Bargaining A procedure whereby an employer and the representatives of the collective body of his employees negotiate and bargain with a view to fixing the terms […]

  • Personal Property

    Goods , chattels , effects , bills, bonds, notes, securities , shares, dividends, premiums, bonuses in any bank, company or corporation , any interest there in, and any chose in possession or in action . Goods, chattels, effects, bills, bonds, notes, securities, shares, […]

  • Easement

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Easement Meaning of Easement A right of the owner of one parcel of land, by reason of such ownership, to use the land of another for a special purpose not inconsistent with the general property in the […]

  • Emancipation

    The act by which one who was under the control and power of another is set free. The word has its origin in roman law , where the laws relating to emancipation were principally concerned with the process by which the father relinquished his power and control over his child so that […]

  • Goodwill

    The advantage or benefit which is acquired by a business, beyond the mere value of the capital, stock, funds or property employed therein, in consequence of the general public patronage and encouragement which it receives from constant or habitual customers. See Metropolitan Nat. Bank v St. […]

  • Gift

    A voluntary transfer of any thing made without consideration or expectation of consideration. The essential components of a valid completed gift of personal property are: competency of the donor to give the gift; voluntary intent on the part of the donor to make a gift; delivery […]