Legal Definition of Marianismo

Meaning of Marianismo

The Spanish and Latin American ideal of women being modest, restrained, virtuous, and nurturing. Women are expected to be sexually abstinent before marriage and passive in response to their […]

Personal Property

Goods , chattels , effects , bills, bonds, notes, securities , shares, dividends, premiums, bonuses in any bank, company or corporation , any interest there in, and any chose in possession or in action . Goods, chattels, effects, bills, bonds, notes, securities, shares, […]


Legal Definition and Related Resources of Easement

Meaning of Easement

A right of the owner of one parcel of land, by reason of such ownership, to use the land of another for a special purpose not inconsistent with the general property in the […]


A voluntary transfer of any thing made without consideration or expectation of consideration. The essential components of a valid completed gift of personal property are: competency of the donor to give the gift; voluntary intent on the part of the donor to make a gift; delivery […]


Library in the United States Library in Connecticut

A library is a library within the meaning of the ordinance whether located in a leased storefront or in a town building. Koepper v. Emanuele, 164 Connecticut (provision) 175, 177, 319 A.2d 411 (1972).

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Double Jeopardy

Legal Definition and Related Resources of Double Jeopardy

Meaning of Double Jeopardy

A rule of law that a person shall not be convicted of the same offense more than once. where there has been a final verdict either of acquittal or conviction on […]