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An authority to do some act, such as the authority of an agent to enter into a contract or the authority of an officer to hold the office or title . An amount payable to an agent upon the agent performing the act contracted for. Usually expressed in terms of a percentage , but in the absence of such percentage, it means a lump sum. The doing of an act, as in the expression commission of a crime . A public board or administrative board.

Commission Alternative Definition

(Lat. commissio; from comr mittere, to intrust to). An undertaking without reward to do something for another, with respect to a thing bailed. Rutherforth, Inst. 105. A body of persons authorized to act in a certain matter. 5 Barn. & C. 850. The act of perpetrating an offense. An instrument issued by a court of justice, or other competent tribunal, to authorize a person to take depositions, or do any other act by authority of such court or tribunal, is called a commission. For a form of a commission to take depositions, see Gresl. Eq. Ev. 72. Letters patent granted by the government, under the public seal, to a person appointed to an office, giving him authority to perform the duties of his office. The commission is not the appointment, but only evidence of it, and, as soon as it is signed and sealed, vests the oflSce in the appointee. 1 Cranch (U.S.) 137; 2 Nott & McC. (S. C.) 357; 1 McCord (S. C.) 233, 238. See 1 Pet. (U.S.) 194; 2 Sumn. (U.S.) 299; 8 Conn. 109; 1 Pa. St. 297; 2 Const. (S. C.) 696; 2 Tyler (Vt.) 235. In Common Law. A sum allowed, usually a certain per cent upon the value of the property involved, as compensation to a servant or agent for services performed. See Commissions. Of Array. This commission Issued to send into every county officers to muster or set in military order the inhabitants. The introduction of commissions of lieutenancy, which contained, in substance, the same powers as these commissions, superseded them. 2 Steph. Comm. (7th Ed.) 582. Of Assize. In English practice. A commission which formerly issued from the king, appointing certain persons as commissioners or judges of assize to hold the assizes in association with discreet knights during those years in which the justices in eyre did not come. Other commissions were added to this, which has finally fallen into complete disuse. See Courts of Assize and Nisi Prius. Of Bankrupt. A commission or authority formerly granted by the lord chancellor to such discreet persons as he should think proper, to examin.e the bankrupt in all matters relating to his trade and effects, and to perform various other important duties connected with bankruptcy matters. These persons were thence called commissioners of bankruptcy, and had in most respects the powers and privileges of judges in their own courts; but regularly constituted courts and judges in bankruptcy have now superseded such commissions and commissioners. Brown. Of Charitable Uses. This commission issues out of chancery to the bishop and others, where lands given to charitable uses are misemployed, or there is any fraud or dispute concerning them, to inquire of and redress the same, etc. 43 Eliz. c. 4. Wharton. Of Delegates. When any sentence was given in any ecclesiastical cause by the archbishop, this commission, under the great seal, was directed to certain persons, usually lords, bishops, and judges of the law, to sit and hear an appeal of the same to the king, in the court of chancery; but latterly the judicial committee of the privy council has supplied the place of this commission. Brown. Of Lunacy. A writ issued out of chancery, or such court as may have jurisdiction of the case, directed to a proper officer, to inquire whether a person named therein is a lunatic or not. 1 Bouv. Inst. Note 382 et seq. Of Partition. Formerly a partition was fected in England by issuing a commission to commissioners, to divide the property, and, on their return coming in, the parties were ordered to execute mutual conveyances to carry out the division. Haynes, Eq. 153. Similar commissions are still issued in some of the states. See Partition. Of Rebellion. In English law. A writ formerly issued out of chancery to compel an attendance. It was abolished by the order of August 8, 1841. Of Review. In English ecclesiastical law. A commission formerly sometimes granted in extraordinary cases, to revise the sentence of the court of delegates. 3 Bl. Comm. 67. Now out of use; the privy council being substituted for the court of dele- gates, as the great court of appeal in all ecclesiastical causes. 3 Steph. Comm. 432. Of the Peace. In English law. A commission from the crown, appointing certain persons therein named, jointly and severally, to keep the peace, etc. Justices of the peace are always appointed by special commission under the great seal, the form of which was settled by all the judges, A. D. 1590, and continues with little alteration to this day. 1 Bl. Comm. 351; 3 Steph. Comm. 39, 40. Of Treaty with Foreign Princes. Leagues and arrangements made between states and kingdoms, by their ambassadors and ministers, for the mutual advantage of the kingdoms in alliance. Wharton. Of Unlivery. In an action In the English admiralty division, where it is necessary to have the cargo in a ship unladen in order to have it appraised, a commission of unlivery is issued and executed by the marshal. Williams & B. Adm. Jur. 233. To Take Answers in Equity. When a defendant in a suit lived more than twenty miles from London, there might have been a commission granted to take his answer in the country, where the commissioners administered to him the usual oath, and then the answer being sealed up, either one of the commissioners carried it up to court or it was sent by a messenger, who swore that he received it from one of the commissioners, and that the same had not been opened or altered since he received it. But latterly such an answer might be sworn in the country before any solicitor of the court who has been appointed a commissioner to administer oaths in chancery. The present answer in chancery, and at common law, is a mere affidavit, and is not a pleading. It is sworn anywhere before a solicitor who is a commissioner to administer oaths. Brown.

Financial Definition of Commission

The fee paid to a broker to execute a trade, based on number of shares, bonds, options, and/or their dollar value. In 1975, deregulation led to the creation of discount brokers, who charge lower commissions than full service brokers. Full service brokers offer advice and usually have a full staff of analysts who follow specific industries. Discount brokers simply execute a client’s order – and usually do not offer an opinion on a stock. Also known as a round-turn.

Legal Definition of Commission

The broker’s basic fee for purchasing or selling securities or property as an agent.

Synonyms of Commission

(Act), noun

  • accomplishment
  • achievement
  • actualization
  • actuation
  • attainment
  • carrying ou
  • completion
  • consummation
  • discharge
  • dispatch
  • doing
  • effecting
  • effectuation
  • enactment
  • enforcement
  • execution
  • exercise
  • exercising
  • fruition
  • fulfilment
  • implementation
  • inflicting
  • infliction
  • making
  • mandatum
  • operation
  • perpetration
  • realization
  • transaction
  • Associated Concepts: commission of crime

(Agency), noun

  • advisory group
  • appointed group
  • board
  • board of inquiry
  • body of commissioners
  • body of delegates
  • body of deputies
  • bureau
  • cabinet
  • consultants
  • convocation
  • council
  • delegation
  • deliberative group
  • embassy
  • executive committee
  • investigating committee
  • planning board
  • representatives
  • standing committee
  • trustees Associated Concepts: advisory body
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Municipal Commission
  • Public Service Commission

(Fee), noun

  • allotment
  • allowance
  • bonus
  • compensation
  • consideration
  • defrayment
  • disbursement
  • dividend
  • earnings
  • emolument
  • extra compensation
  • increment
  • interest
  • pay
  • payoff
  • payment
  • percentage
  • percentage compensation
  • portion
  • proceeds
  • profit
  • recompense
  • reimbursement
  • remuneration
  • repayment
  • return
  • reward
  • salary
  • share of profits
  • stipend
  • subsidy
  • wage Associated Concepts: broker’s commission
  • commission merchant
  • compensation
  • fees
  • finder’s commission
  • profits

Definition of Commission in the Free Online Notary Dictionary

To Authorize To Perform Notarial Acts: Written Authorization To Perform Notarial Acts That Is Issued By A State’s Governor, Secretary Of State Or Other Empowering Official. Called An Appointment In Some States And Jurisdictions.

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Commission in Law Enforcement

Main Entry: Law Enforcement in the Legal Dictionary. This section provides, in the context of Law Enforcement, a partial definition of commission.


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  • Police Officer
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Further Reading

English Legal System: Commission

In the context of the English law, A Dictionary of Law provides the following legal concept of Commission :

1. Authority to exercise a power or a direction to perform a duty; for example, a commission of a *justice of the peace.

2. A body directed to perform a particular duty. Examples are the *Charity Commissioners and the *Law Commission

3. A sum payable to an *agent in return for his performing a particular service. This may, for example, be a percentage of the sum for which he has secured a contract of sale of his principal’s property. The circumstances in which a commission is payable depend on the terms of the contract between principal and agent. The terms on which commission is paid to a *commercial agent are set down in the EU directive 86/653.

4. Authorization by a court or a judge for a witness to be examined on oath by a court, judge, or other authorized person, to provide evidence for use in court proceedings. The procedure is used when the witness is unlikely to be able to attend the hearing (e.g. because of illness). If the witness is still unable to attend when the court hearing takes place the written evidence is read by the court.

Commission Definition (in the Accounting Vocabulary)

The New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants offers the following definition of Commission in a way that is easy for anybody to understand: Percentage of the selling price of the property, paid by the seller.

Concept of Commission in the context of Real Property

A short definition of Commission: An amount, usually as a percentage, paid to an agent (real estate broker) as compensation for his services. The amount to a real estate broker is generally a percentage of the sale price or total rental.

The credentials of a consul issued by his or her government.

Concept of Commission in the context of Real Property

A short definition of Commission: An amount, usually as a percentage, paid to an agent (real estate broker) as compensation for his services. The amount to a real estate broker is generally a percentage of the sale price or total rental.

The credentials of a consul issued by his or her government.






Commission and the European Union


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