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In patent law, denotes the creation of something which did not exist before , by the exercise of the creative mind, and possessing elements of novelty and utility in kind and measure different from anything that precedes the same. Has not occurred until the subject of the invention has been both conceived and reduced to practise . See James bury Corp. v Worcester Valve Co., (D.C.Mass.) 218 F. Supp. 1. In order to constitute invention, there must be something novel about the contrivance. Such novelty is synonymous with unobviousness. See Monroe Auto Equipment Co. v Heckethorn Manufacturing And Supply Co., (C.A. Tenn.)332 F.2d 406. The assembly of old elements producing no new or unusual results is lacking in invention. Inherent in the idea of invention is the quality which carries a device beyond that level which might be obtained through exercise of no more than mechanical skill. Hansen v Colliver, (D. C. Cal.) 171 F.Supp. 803.

Invention Alternative Definition

In patent law. The act or operation of finding out something new; the contrivance of that which did not before exist. The word is also used to denote the thing itself which has been so contrived, and which is the subject matter of a patent. The test of novelty to determine whether a given contrivance is an “invention” is whether an ordinary mechanic would, without other suggestion than his knowledge of the art, make such a contrivance. If so, it is not an invention. 3 Fish. Pat. Cas. (U. S.) 98; 27 Fed. 219. An invention differs from a “discovery,” inasmuch as this latter term is used to signify the finding out of something which existed before. Thus, we speak of the discovery of the properties of steam, or of electricity; but the first contrivance of any machinery by which those discoveries were applied to practical use was an invention; the former always existed, though not before known; the latter did not previously exist.

Synonyms of Invention


  • brain child
  • coinage
  • composition
  • concoction
  • contraption
  • contrivance
  • creation
  • creative effort
  • creative fabrication
  • discovery
  • fabrication
  • finding
  • formation
  • handiwork
  • improvisation
  • innovation
  • inventum
  • origination
  • product
  • reperta

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Invention in Global Commerce Policy

In this regard, a definition of this issue is as follows: the creation of something new which may turn into industrial property. The entries on trade policy are here. In order to benefit from intellectual property protection in the form of a patent, an invention has to be new (i.e. The entries on trade policy are here. It is not already described or used somewhere), it must be non-obvious (in WIPO terms, it would not have occurred to a specialist asked to provide a solution to the particular problem) and it must be capable of industrial use.[1]

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  1. Dictionary of Trade Policy, “Invention” entry (OAS)

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