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Meaning of Inadequate

Insufficient; lacking in effectiveness or in conformity to a prescribed standard or measure . A consideration is said to be inadequate when it is insufficient or not of equal value . By and large, however, in the absense of fraud or undue influence , the court will not interfere to negate a contractual relationship on the ground that the consideration was inadequate. A remedy is said to be inadequate when by its nature or character it is not fitted or adopted to an end in view. The representation by an attorney in a cause is said to be inadequate when his representation is such that it reduces the proceedings to a farce or sham. People v Aikens, 74 Cal.Rptr. 882, 450 P.2d258.

Synonyms of Inadequate


  • assailable
  • deficient
  • depleted
  • disabled
  • disappointing
  • displeasing
  • emasculate
  • exhausted
  • feckless
  • feeble
  • helpless
  • impaired
  • impar
  • impotent
  • incapable
  • incompetent
  • incomplete
  • indefensible
  • ineffective
  • ineffectual
  • inefficacious
  • inept
  • inferior
  • inoperative
  • insubstanital
  • insufficient
  • lacking
  • not enough
  • not up to expectation
  • nugatory
  • perfunctory
  • poor
  • powerless
  • scant
  • short
  • unable
  • unapt
  • undeveloped
  • unempowered
  • unequal to
  • unfit
  • unfitted
  • unreplenished
  • unsatisfactory
  • unsufficing
  • untenable
  • useless
  • vincible
  • vulnerable
  • wanting
  • weak
  • Associated Concepts: inadequate consideration
  • inadequate damages
  • inadequate remedy at law
  • inadequate representation

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