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Meaning of Effect

The effect of a cause is anything which would not have happened but for that cause; and it is none the less an effect of such a cause because it has been developed by something supervening. To do; to make; to bring to pass or about ; to execute ; to enforce ; to accomplish.

Synonyms of Effect


  • consequence
  • development
  • effectuation
  • effectus
  • end product
  • end result
  • eventuation
  • eventus
  • final result
  • fruit
  • fruition
  • impact
  • issue
  • outcome
  • outgrowth
  • payoff
  • product
  • reaction
  • repercussion
  • response
  • result
  • resultant
  • resultant action
  • sequel
  • termination
  • upshot
  • Associated Concepts: cause and effect
  • chilling effect
  • effective procuring cause
  • force and effect
  • natural effect
  • personal effectsforeign phrases: Effectus sequitur causam
  • The effect follows the cause
  • Verba accipienda sunt cum effectu
  • ut sortiantur effectum
  • Words are to be received with effect
  • so that they may be productive of effect
  • Cessante causa
  • cessat effectus
  • The cause ceasing
  • the effect must cease
  • Cum quod ago non valet ut ago
  • valeat quantum valerepotest
  • When that which i do is of no effect as i do it
  • it shall be as effective as it can (otherwise) be made
  • Novaconstitutiofuturisformamimponeredebet non praeteritis
  • A new law ought to affect the future
  • not what is past
  • Nonefficitaffectusnisisequatureffectus
  • The intention amounts to nothing unless some effect follows
  • Verba accipienda ut sortiantur effectum
  • Words should be taken so that they may have some effect
  • Cuicunque aliquis quid concedit concedere videtur et id
  • sine quo res ipsa esse non potuit
  • Whoever grants anything to another is supposed to grant that also without which the grant itself would be of no effect
  • Juris affectus in executione consistit
  • The effectiveness of a law lies in its execution
  • Quando quod ago non valet ut ago
  • valeat quantum valere potest
  • When that which i do does not have effect as i do it
  • let it have as much effect as it can
  • Cessante ratione legis
  • cessat et ipsa lex
  • Where the reason for a law ceases
  • the law itself also ceases
  • Officit conatus si effectus sequatur
  • The attempt becomes of consequence
  • if the effect follows

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What is Going Into Effect of Act?

A definition of going into effect of act is: Becoming operative as a law.[1]



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