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Meaning of Enforce

To compel obedience to; to put in execution ; to cause to take effect , give force or effect to; to exact; to obtain authoritatively; to cause to be performed.

Synonyms of Enforce


  • adminster
  • bring to pass
  • carry into effect
  • carry into execution
  • carry out
  • carry through
  • coerce
  • compel
  • compel obedience
  • confimiare
  • dictate
  • drive
  • effect
  • effectuate
  • employ force
  • exact
  • execute
  • exsequi
  • force
  • have executed
  • impel
  • implement
  • impose
  • insist on
  • insist upon
  • make compulsory
  • make effective
  • necessitate
  • obtain by compulsion
  • obtain by force
  • press
  • put in action
  • put in force
  • put in operation
  • put into effect
  • put into execution
  • put pressure on
  • require
  • strengthen
  • subject to pressure
  • Associated Concepts: enforce a contract
  • enforce a judgment
  • enforce a lien
  • enforce provisions of the law
  • enforce sanctions
  • enforcement proceedings

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To enforce: Ejecutar, hacer cumplir

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This term is a verb.

Etimology of Enforce

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mid-14c., “to drive by physical force; to try, attempt, strive; to fortify, strengthen a place;” late 14c. as “exert force, compel; make stronger, reinforce; strengthen an argument; grow stronger, become violent,” from Old French enforcier “strengthen, reinforce; use force (on), offer violence (to); oppress; violate, rape” (12c.) or a native formation from en- (1) “make, put in” + force; this term is also a noun.. Meaning “compel obedience to (a law, etc.) is from 1640s. Related: Enforced; enforcing.


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