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Meaning of Engage

To carry on; to engage to do anything; to take part in; to be employed in; occupied in. Denotes more than a single act or single transaction . See York v Dodson, (Tex.Ci- v. App.)271 S. W.2d347. Also, to embark in a business , to enter into conflict, or to become involved or entangled. state v Ever, 119 So.2d521,237 La. 45. As occurring in the Fair labor Standards Act, the phrase engaged in commerce means that the employee’s work is so directly and vitally related to the functioning of an instrumentality or facility of interstate commerce as to be, in practical effect , a part of it, rather than isolated local activity. Mitchell v C. W. Vollmer & Co., 349 U.S. 427, 75 S. Cl. 860.

Synonyms of Engage

(Hire), verb

  • appoint
  • arrange for the services of
  • arrange for the use of
  • bind
  • book
  • charter
  • commission
  • conducere
  • contract for
  • employ
  • enlist
  • enlist in one’s service
  • fill a position
  • give a job to
  • give a situation to
  • give employment to
  • lease
  • let
  • obtain
  • procure
  • put to work
  • put under contract
  • reserve
  • retain
  • secure
  • set to work
  • staff with
  • take into one’s employ
  • take into service
  • Associated Concepts: engage the services of an employ

(Involve), verb

  • absorb
  • assail
  • associate
  • attack
  • battle
  • become involved
  • bring into conflict
  • busy
  • carry on hostilities
  • combat
  • compete
  • connect
  • contend
  • contest
  • draw in
  • encounter
  • engross
  • enmesh
  • entangle
  • enter into
  • enter into conflict with
  • entertain
  • fight with
  • fill one’s time
  • gear with
  • hold the interest of
  • incipere
  • interest
  • interlock
  • join battle with
  • link
  • meet
  • mesh together
  • occupy
  • oppose
  • partake
  • participate
  • share
  • struggle
  • take on
  • take part
  • tangle
  • undertake
  • wage war
  • war with
  • Associated Concepts: doing business
  • engaged in agriculture
  • engaged in commerce
  • engaged in doing business
  • engaged in interstate commerce
  • engaged in manufacture
  • engaged in transacting business
  • primarily engaged
  • principally engaged

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