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Legal Definition and Related Resources of Director

Meaning of Director

One who directs. In relation to corporations, a person appointed or elected according to law, authorized to manage and direct the affairs of that corporation . Generally, a director is elected by the body of shareholders. See Brandt v Godwin, 3 N. Y.S. 807.

Legal Definition of Director

Person elected by shareholders to serve on the board of directors. The directors appoint the president, vice presidents, and all other operating officers. Directors decide, among other matters, if and when dividends shall be paid. (See: Proxy)

Synonyms of Director


  • administrator
  • boss
  • chief
  • curator
  • executive
  • executor
  • foreman
  • governor
  • guide
  • inspector
  • intendant
  • leader
  • manager
  • overseer
  • presiding officer
  • principal
  • proctor
  • procurator
  • superintendent
  • supervisor Associated Concepts: board of directors
  • de facto director
  • de jure director
  • director’s liability
  • dummy director
  • interlocking directorates

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Further Reading

English Legal System: Director

In the context of the English law, A Dictionary of Law provides the following legal concept of Director :

An officer of a company appointed by or under the provisions of the *articles of associatio Directors may have a contract of employment with the company (service directors and *managing directors) or merely attend board meetings (nonexecutive directors). (See also shadow director). Contracts of employment can be inspected by company members; long-term contracts may require approval by ordinary resolution.Usually, general management powers are vested in the directors acting collectively, although they may delegate some or all of these powers to the managing director. Directors act as agents of their company, to which they owe *fiduciary duties (in the performance of which they must consider the interests of both company members and employees) and a *duty of care. Transactions involving a conflict between their duty and their personal interests are regulated by the Companies Acts. Directors can be dismissed by *ordinary resolution despite the terms of the articles or any contract of employment, but dismissal in these circumstances is subject to the payment of damages for breach of contract. Under the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986, directors may be disqualified for *fraudulent trading or *wrongful trading and conduct that makes them unfit to be concerned in the management of companies.

Remuneration of directors for their services may be due under a contract of employment or determined by the general meeting. Particulars appear in the *accounts.


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