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Meaning of Apply

Make a formal request or petition to a court or tribunal . To use for a particular purpose. appropriate moneys for a particular account . The word is also used in relation to statutes in the sense of denoting its scope as when saying that a particular statute does not apply to a specific class of persons or transactions.

Synonyms of Apply

(Pertain), verb

  • affect
  • be applicable
  • be concerned with
  • be connected with
  • be pertinent
  • be proper to
  • be relevant
  • bear upon
  • belong to
  • concern
  • deal with
  • have a connection to
  • have bearing on
  • have reference
  • have relation
  • involve
  • pertinere ad
  • refer
  • regard
  • relate
  • touch

(Put in practice), verb

  • adapt
  • adjust
  • admovere
  • adopt
  • carry out
  • convert to use
  • employ
  • execute
  • exercise
  • exert
  • put in action
  • put in operation
  • put to use
  • use
  • utilize

(Request), verb

  • ad hominem confugere
  • ask
  • hominem adire
  • make formal request
  • petition
  • pray
  • seek
  • solicit Associated Concepts: motion

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What does Apply mean in American Law?

The definition of Apply in the law of the United States, as defined by the lexicographer Arthur Leff in his legal dictionary is:

To make an application. Also widely used more particularly to describe the process whereby a law or rule is brought to bear on conduct, as in “the court will apply the Parol Evidence Rule to bar testimony about oral agreements.”







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