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A word of general import meaning a group of facts so connected together as to be referred to by a single name; as a crime , contract , a wrong .

Transaction Alternative Definition

(from Lat. trans and ago, to carry over) . Whatever may be done by one person which affects another’s rights and out of which cause of action may arise. 151 Wis. 266, 271; 143 Wis. 664, 572, 128 N. W. 445; the doing or the performing of any affair, management of any matter; as the transactiqji of business; that which is done or m the process of being done; an affair. 149 la. 645, 660. In civil law. An agreement between two or more persons, who, for the purpose of preventing or putting an end to a lawsuit, adjust their difference, by mutual consent, in the manner which they agree on. In Louisiana this contract must be reduced to writing. Civ. Code La. art. 3038. Transactions regulate only the differences which appear to be clearly comprehended in them by the inteiitions of the parties, whether they be explained in a general or particular manner, unless ‘ it be the necessary consequence of what is expressed; and they do not extend to differences which the parties never intended to include in them. Civ. Code La. art. 3040. To transact, a man must have the’ capacity to dispose of the things included in the transaction. 1 Domit, Lois Civ. 1. 13. 1; Dig. 2. 15. 1; Code, 2. 4. 41. In the common law, this is called a compromise. See “Compromise.”

Synonyms of Transaction


  • accomplishment
  • achievement
  • act
  • action
  • activity
  • administration
  • adventure
  • affair
  • business
  • commission
  • completion
  • consummation
  • deal
  • dealing
  • deed
  • direction
  • effectuation
  • enactment
  • enterprise
  • execution
  • exercise
  • exploit
  • management
  • measure
  • negotiation
  • negotium
  • operation
  • performance
  • proceeding
  • process
  • purchase
  • sale
  • undertaking Associated Concepts: arms length transaction
  • transacting business
  • transactional immunity foreign phrases: Res inter alios judicatae nullum aliis praejudicium faciunt
  • Transactions between strangers ought not to injure those who are not parties to them

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Transaction Definition (in the Accounting Vocabulary)

The New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants offers the following definition of Transaction in a way that is easy for anybody to understand: The act of transacting, especially a business agreement or exchange; event or condition recognized by an entry in the book ACCOUNT.



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