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A bailment of personal property as a security for some debt or engagement , the property being redeemable on specified terms and subject to sale in the event of default . See Mechanics & T. Ins. Co. v Kiger, 103 U.S. 352, 26 L.Ed. 433. A form of vadium which occurs where goods or chattels are delivered to another in pledge, to be security to him for money borrowed of him or security for another engagement entered into by the bailor . In modern times, the term refers to a transaction by which collateral security is delivered by the debtor and accepted by the creditor as security. See Central Nat. Bank v Latham & Co., (Tex. Civ.App.)22 S. W.2d 765.

Synonyms of Pledge

(Binding promise), noun

  • act of giving one’s word
  • agreement
  • assurance
  • attestation
  • avowal
  • avowance
  • commitment
  • compact
  • contract
  • covenant
  • guarantee
  • oath
  • obligation
  • promisepromissory oath
  • promissum
  • solemn declaration
  • soemn word
  • statement on oath
  • undertaking
  • vow
  • warranty
  • word
  • word of honor

(Deposit), verb

  • bond
  • give as a guarantee
  • give as security for a debt
  • give as security for an obligation
  • give as surety
  • give one’s signature
  • give security
  • guarantee
  • hypothecate
  • impignorate
  • indorse
  • insure
  • offer collateral
  • post
  • put in pawn
  • put up
  • stake

(Promise the performance of), verb

  • assert solemnly
  • assure
  • avow
  • be answerable for
  • become bound to
  • bind
  • bind oneself
  • commit oneself
  • contract an obligation
  • covenant
  • engage solemnly
  • engage to give
  • give a guarantee
  • give assurance
  • give one’s word
  • guarantee
  • make a promise
  • obligare
  • oppignerare
  • promise solemnly
  • take upon oneself
  • undertake
  • warrant
  • vow

(Security), noun

  • collateral
  • deposit
  • earnest
  • earnest payment
  • guarantee
  • installment
  • personal security
  • pignus
  • real security
  • security
  • stake
  • stake money
  • token payment Associated Concepts: assignment
  • collateral security
  • pledge of securities
  • pledged personalty
  • pledged property
  • secured transactions

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Concept of Pledge in the context of Real Property

A short definition of Pledge: The depositing (bailment) of goods (personal property) with a creditor as security for a debt.

Concept of Pledge in the context of Real Property

A short definition of Pledge: The depositing (bailment) of goods (personal property) with a creditor as security for a debt.




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