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  • Elections; Legislation; Representation.

    Congress of the United States; Voting.

    Congress, United States ; Connecticut Compromise ; Preferential Voting ; Primary, White ; Suffrage: Exclusion from the Suffrage.

    Census; Congress, U.S.; Gerrymandering

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    Thomas J. Scotto

    Concept of Apportionment in the context of Real Property

    A short definition of Apportionment: A proper allocation of income and expenses of property, especially after a division of ownership.

    Concept of Apportionment in the context of Real Property

    A short definition of Apportionment: A proper allocation of income and expenses of property, especially after a division of ownership.

    Definition of Apportionment

    In relation to social issues, a meaning of apportionment is provided here: the distribution of legislative seats according to population


    Meaning of Apportionment

    In this law dictionary, the legal term apportionment is a kind of the Tax class.


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