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A term used in economics describing situations where only a few sell a given product . See Northern natural Gas. Co. v Fed. power Comm., (D.C.App.) 399 F.2d 953. Also, the term is used in the context of statutes aimed at preventing monopolies, in the sense of a large corporation or several large enterprises making successive small acquisitions and converting an intensely competitive industry into one in which t.r.e. or four large concerns produce the entire supply of goods or services. For prohibition against oligopoly see amendment to the clayton act of 1914, passed by the Congress in 1915. (15 U.S.C. §18).

International Trade Meaning and Definition of Oligopoly

A market dominated by so few sellers that action by any of them will impact both the price of the good and the competitors.

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Oligopoly in the Economic Activity

An introductory concept of Oligopoly may be: the form of imperfect competition in which the market has several firms, sufficiently few that each one must take into account the reactions of rivals to what it does

Definition of Oligopoly

The Canada social science dictionary [1] provides the following meaning of Oligopoly: The situation where a small number of companies own or control the production of a particular good or provision of services within a market economy. This situation typically arises from the concentration of ownership and provides a challenge to liberal theory which claims benefit from a plurality of producers operating in a very competitive market. See: MONOPOLY in this legal dictionary and in the world encyclopedia of law.

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  • Drislane, R., & Parkinson, G. (2016). (Concept of) Oligopoly. Online dictionary of the social sciences. Open University of Canada

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