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Meaning of Disposition

The getting rid or making over of anything; Relinquishment ; alienation; disposal ; plan or arrangement of the disposal; distribution of something; definite settlement with regard to some matter; ultimate destination ; the state or manner of arrangement or disposal; order ; distribution; final settlement. See Wilson v Mulcahey, 18 N. Y. S. 2d 392.

Disposition Alternative Definition

In Scotch law. A deed of alienation by which a right to property is conveyed. Bell, Diet.

Synonyms of Disposition

(Determination), noun

  • adjustment
  • conclusion
  • decision
  • disposal
  • final settlement of a matter
  • finding
  • order
  • pronouncement
  • putting in order
  • resolution
  • settlement
  • solution Associated Concepts: disposition of a case

(Final arrangement), noun

  • adjustment
  • administration
  • arrangement
  • array
  • conlocatio
  • control
  • direction
  • dispensation
  • disposal
  • dispositio
  • distribution
  • grouping
  • management
  • marshaling
  • method
  • order
  • ordering
  • ordinatio
  • organization
  • placement
  • regulation
  • settlement Associated Concepts: conditional disposition
  • final disposition
  • fraudulent disposition
  • power of disposition
  • testimentary dispositionFOREIGN PHRASES: Cujus est dare
  • ejus est disponere
  • Whoever has the right of giving a thing
  • has the right of any disposition of it

(Inclination), noun

  • aptitude
  • bent
  • bias
  • cast
  • character
  • characteristic
  • characteristic mood
  • constitution
  • frame of mind
  • grain
  • humor
  • idiosyncrasy
  • inclination
  • individualism
  • indoles
  • ingenium
  • leaning
  • liking
  • makeup
  • mental constitution
  • mold
  • mood
  • native character
  • natura
  • natural fitness
  • natural tendency
  • nature
  • penchant
  • personality
  • predilection
  • predisposition
  • preference
  • proclivity
  • proneness
  • propensity
  • spirit
  • temper
  • temperament
  • tendency
  • turn of mind foreign phrases: Impunitas continuum affectum tribuit delinquendi
  • Impunity confirms the disposition of a delinquent

(Transfer of property), noun

  • alienation
  • arrangement for disposal
  • assignment
  • conveyance
  • conveyancing
  • deliverance
  • delivery
  • dispensation
  • disposal
  • distribution
  • giving
  • manner of disposal
  • release
  • relinquishment
  • relinquishment by gift
  • sale
  • surrender
  • transfer
  • transference
  • vouchsafement
  • yielding
  • Associated Concepts: dispose of and convey
  • disposition by will
  • final disposition
  • fraudulent disposition
  • power of disposition
  • sale or other disposition
  • testamentary dispositionforeign phrases: Cujus est dare
  • ejus est disponere
  • He who has a right to give
  • has the right to dispose of the gift

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Further Reading

English Legal System: Disposition

In the context of the English law, A Dictionary of Law provides the following legal concept of Disposition :

1. (in land law) The transfer of property by some act of its owner, e.g. by sale, gift, will, or exchange.

2. (in the law of evidence) The tendency of a party (especially the accused) to act or think in a particular way. Evidence of the accused’s disposition may generally not be given unless it is based upon admissible evidence of character or admissible *similar-fact evidence. Evidence of *previous convictions, other than those admitted as similar-fact evidence or under the Criminal Evidence Acts, may tend to suggest to the *trier of fact that the accused has a particular disposition, but is technically admissible only on the question of his credibility.

See also character.

United States Tax Concept of Disposition

The sale, exchange, or other disposition of property that causes a gain or a loss. Dispositions include like-kind exchanges and involuntary conversions.

Concept of Disposition in the context of Real Property

A short definition of Disposition: The giving up or alienating of property.

Concept of Disposition in the context of Real Property

A short definition of Disposition: The giving up or alienating of property.



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