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A state of repose and security and of public order and decorum. Public tranquility and obedience to law.

Peace Alternative Definition

(Law Fr, peas,’ pees; hat. pax). Quiet, orderly behavior; the quiet, orderly behavior of the citizens or subjects of a community towards one another, and towards the government, which is said to be broken by acts of a certain kind. See Breach of Peace. Defined in the old books, a quiet and harmless behavior toward the king and his people. Lambard, Eiren, lib. 1, c. 2; Cowell.

Synonyms of Peace


  • accord
  • adjustment of differences
  • agreement
  • alliance
  • amity
  • armistice
  • brotherhood
  • calm
  • calmness
  • coexistence
  • community of interests
  • conciliation
  • concord
  • concordance
  • concordancy
  • concordia
  • consentaneity
  • consentaneousness
  • cooperation
  • end of hostilities
  • fellowship
  • fraternalism
  • freedom from war
  • friendliness
  • friendship
  • good will
  • harmoniousness
  • harmony
  • hush
  • law and order
  • lull
  • neutrality
  • oneness
  • order
  • orderliness
  • otium
  • pacification
  • pact
  • pax
  • quiescence
  • quiet
  • quietness
  • rapport
  • reconciliation
  • repose
  • serenity
  • silence
  • stillness
  • suspension of hostilities
  • tranquility
  • treaty
  • truce
  • unanimity
  • unity
  • Associated Concepts: breach of the peace
  • disturbing the peace
  • peace officerforeign phrases: Pad sunt máxime contraria vis et injuria
  • Violence and injury are especially hostile to peace

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