Political Parties

Hierarchical Display of Political parties Politics > Political party
Politics > Political framework > Political ideology
Politics > Political framework > Political system > Multiparty system
Politics > Politics and public safety > Politics > Political opposition
Politics > […]

Interinstitutional Relations

Hierarchical Display of Interinstitutional relations Politics > Politics and public safety > Institutional activity
Politics > Parliament > Interparliamentary relations
European Union > EU institutions and European civil service > Operation of the Institutions > Interinstitutional […]

Administrative Reform

Resources Legal English Vocabulary: Administrative Reform in Spanish Online translation of the English legal term administrative reform into Spanish: reforma administrativa (English to Spanish translation) . More about legal dictionary from english to spanish online. Related to the Legal Thesaurus

Executive Competence

Hierarchical Display of Executive competence Politics > Executive power and public service > Executive body
Politics > Political framework > Political power > Power of implementation
Politics > Parliamentary proceedings > Legislative procedure > Legislative initiative > Government […]


Legal Definition and Related Resources of Jurisdiction

Meaning of Jurisdiction

The extent of legal authority and power . A term of large and comprehensive import , it generally denotes the lawful authority of a body to exercise power. The term […]

European Movement

Hierarchical Display of European Movement European Union > European construction > Deepening of the European Union > European integration
Politics > Politics and public safety > Trends of opinion
Politics > Politics and public safety > Public opinion > Public awareness […]

Head of State

Hierarchical Display of Head of State Politics > Political framework > Political institution
Politics > Political framework > Political system > Presidential régime
Politics > Electoral procedure and voting > Election > Presidential election
Politics > Political framework > Political […]

International Organisation

Hierarchical Display of International organisation International Relations > International affairs
International Organisations > Extra-European organisations > African organisation
International Organisations > World organisations > World organisation
International Organisations > […]