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Meaning of Equal

impartial , uniform ; to make equivalent to, to recompense fully, to answer in full proportion . The term implies not identity but duality and the use of one thing as the measure of another. Poidexter v Willis, 256 N.E.2d 254, 23 Ohio Misc. 199.

Synonyms of Equal


  • abreast
  • aequalis
  • aequus
  • alike
  • balanced
  • coequal
  • coextensive
  • coordinate
  • democratic
  • equable
  • equalized
  • equally divided
  • equidistant
  • equilateral
  • equipollent
  • equitable
  • even
  • evenhanded
  • fair
  • fairminded
  • homologous
  • identical in amount
  • identical in quantity
  • identical in size
  • identical in value
  • impartial
  • just
  • like
  • like in degree
  • like in quantity
  • matched
  • of the same degree
  • of the same rank
  • on a par
  • on even terms
  • on the same level
  • same
  • similar
  • symmetric
  • symmetrical
  • tantamount
  • tied
  • to the same degree
  • unbiased
  • unchanging
  • undeviating
  • unfluctuating
  • uniform
  • unprejudiced
  • unvaried
  • unvarying Associated Concepts: equal before the law
  • equal in degree
  • equal in value
  • equal protection of laws
  • equal taxation
  • equally divided
  • separate but equal

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