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Meaning of Adequate

Sufficient; efficient, equal to what is required; suitable for the demands of the occasion; commensurate. An adequate compensation is one which reflects the just and market value of the property taken in eminent domain . An adequate consideration is one which is fair and reasonable under the circumstances.

Synonyms of Adequate


  • able
  • acceptable
  • accommodatus
  • ample
  • aptus
  • availing
  • capable
  • commensurate
  • competent
  • effectual
  • enough
  • equal to the need
  • fair
  • fit
  • fully sufficient
  • idoneus
  • proportionate
  • reasonable
  • reasonably sufficient
  • satisfactory
  • satisfying
  • serving
  • sufficient
  • sufficient for the purpose
  • sufficing
  • suitable
  • valid Associated Concepts: adequate administrative review
  • adequate care
  • adequate cause
  • adequate consideration
  • adequate notice
  • adequate remedy at law
  • adequate support
  • fair and adequate consideration

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What does Adequate mean in American Law?

The definition of Adequate in the law of the United States, as defined by the lexicographer Arthur Leff in his legal dictionary is:

Sufficient; enough; an act or quantity which will suffice for the particular purpose.

Legal Usage of Adequate in English

An European Commission document offers the following explanation about the misused of Adequate:’Adequate’ is frequently used with the meaning of ‘appropriate’. However, its actual (sic) meaning is closer to ‘satisfactory’ or even ‘barely satisfactory’. An ‘adequate solution’ to a problem may not be the best one, but it will do. An ‘appropriate solution’ is one that is fitting.


‘The collection of the data during the reporting process should be adequate and proportionate to the objectives pursued13.’


appropriate, suitable, fitting.


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