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Meaning of Employ

To engage , have or to keep for, or in service or duty; procure or retain the services of; set or keep at work; furnish work or occupation for. See Arlandson v Humphrey, 27 N. W.2d 819, 224 Minn. 49.

Synonyms of Employ

(Engage services), verb

  • add to the payroll
  • appoint
  • assign
  • authorize
  • commission
  • contract
  • delegate
  • detineri
  • empower
  • engage
  • enlist
  • enroll
  • entrust with a task
  • entrust with management
  • fill a position
  • fill a vacancy
  • fill an opening
  • find help
  • furnish occupation for
  • give a job to
  • give a position to
  • give a post to
  • give employment
  • give work to
  • hire
  • keep in service
  • occupatum
  • place
  • put to work
  • recruit
  • retain
  • retain the services of
  • secure
  • set to work
  • sign up
  • staff
  • take into employ
  • take into service
  • use another’s services
  • use as an agent
  • versari
  • Associated Concepts: actual employment
  • customarily employeddangerous employment
  • employed in hazardous work
  • employed in interstate commerce
  • lawfully employed
  • legally employed
  • permanently employed

(Make use of), verb

  • apply
  • avail oneself of
  • capitalize upon
  • exercise
  • exploit
  • have recourse to
  • manipulate
  • mobilize
  • operate
  • ply
  • practice
  • profit by
  • put in action
  • put in operation
  • put to service
  • put to use
  • resort to
  • take advantage of
  • turn to account
  • turn to use
  • use
  • utilize
  • wield
  • work

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