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Meaning of Business

Anything which occupies the time and attention and labor of men for the purpose of profit . The manner in which individuals make or earn a living. See Iowa-Illinois Gas & Elect. Co. v industrial commission , 95 N.E.2d482, 407 III. 360.

Business Alternative Definition

Occupation or employment. 178 111. App. 176. The employment which occupies the time, attention and labor. 37 111. App. 503.

Synonyms of Business

(Affair), noun

  • activity
  • concern
  • duty
  • interest
  • matter
  • mission
  • proceeding
  • proposition
  • responsibility
  • task
  • undertaking foreign phrases: Aliena negotia exacto officio geruntur
  • The business of another is to be carried out with particular care
  • Constitutum esse earn domum unicuique nostrum debere existimari
  • ubi quisque sedes et tabulas haberet
  • suarumquererumconstitutionemfecisset
  • lt is established that the home of each of us is considered to be the place of his abode and books
  • and where he may have made an establishment of his business
  • In suo quisque negotio hebetior est quam in alieno
  • Everyone is more dull in his own business than in that of another

(Commerce), noun

  • barter
  • buying and selling
  • commercial intercourse
  • dealings
  • exchange
  • industry
  • intercourse
  • merchandising
  • merchantry
  • production
  • trade
  • trading
  • traffic
  • transaction
  • ventures
  • Associated Concepts: business address
  • business agent
  • business corporation
  • business crimes
  • business district
  • business done in state
  • business enterprise
  • business expenses
  • business hours
  • business interruption insurance
  • business invitees
  • business license
  • business losses
  • business name
  • business paper
  • business purposes
  • business records
  • business restrictions
  • business secrets
  • business situs
  • business trust
  • business venture
  • business visitor
  • doing business
  • goodwill of business
  • in the course of business
  • interference with business
  • ordinary course of business
  • transacting businessforeign phrases: Ea quae raro accidunt non temere in agendis negotiis computantur
  • Those things which rarely happen are not to be taken into account in the transaction of business without sufficient reason

(Commercial enterprise), noun

  • noun cartel
  • combine
  • company
  • concern
  • corporation
  • establishment
  • firm
  • industry
  • manufacture
  • organization
  • private enterprise
  • shop
  • store
  • syndicate
  • venture

(Occupation), noun

  • activity
  • avocation
  • calling
  • career
  • craft
  • duty
  • employment
  • endeavor
  • following
  • function
  • handicraft
  • job
  • line
  • livelihood
  • living
  • means of support
  • mission
  • office
  • practice
  • profession
  • pursuit
  • specialty
  • trade
  • undertaking
  • vocation
  • walk of life
  • work

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What does Business mean in American Law?

The definition of Business in the law of the United States, as defined by the lexicographer Arthur Leff in his legal dictionary is:

At its broadest, any regular activity engaged in for gain. But the word is rarely used at its broadest. Sometimes it is used in contradistinction to sport, game, or hobby, to emphasize the gainfulness of the enterprise. At other times, it is used to distinguish mercantile or manufacturing enterprise from employee or worker status, thus emphasizing the partial work autonomy of a businessman. Or it can be used to distinguish trade and manufacture from the work of artisans (e.g., plumbers), artists, or professionals (e.g., lawyers). Then again, business may distinguish white collar from blue collar occupations (as in “She work at the factory? No, she goes into business everyday at an accountant”s”). Moreover, business is often used to describe a complex social and political orientation generally toward capitalism and profits and away from government regulation and wealth redistribution (as in “The business of America is business”).

The thing is, the term business doesn”t have a meaning, and thus when its use has legal signifiance, one must look to context and intent; there is no way of knowing merely from the word”s employment in, e.g., the phrase “tax on business” whether the income of a lawyer, a plumber, an artist, a hobbyist, a charity, or even a manufacturer is subject to it-though a dress shop in the jurisdiction pretty clearly is.


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Concept of Business in the context of Real Property

A short definition of Business: Unqualified, the word has no definite meaning, but has come to be understood to be any activity by which people earn money.

Concept of Business in the context of Real Property

A short definition of Business: Unqualified, the word has no definite meaning, but has come to be understood to be any activity by which people earn money.


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