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A procedure whereby an employer and the representatives of the collective body of his employees negotiate and bargain with a view to fixing the terms and conditions of employment. Collective bargaining usually is carried on between the employer’s representatives and the representatives of the union of the employees. It is an activity, pre-supposing that the employees shall have opportunity in the absence of the employer to canvas their grievances, formulate their demands in common and instruct an advocate who they believe will best press their claims. The aim of such bargaining is an accord as to terms governing hiring and work and pay in the employment and conditions thereof. See J.I. Case Co. v N.L.R.B., 321 U.S. 332, 64 S.Ct. 576, 88 L.Ed. 762. See also national labor Relations Act,29 U.S.C. §§151-168.

Synonyms of Collective Bargaining


  • abatement of differences
  • adjustment
  • arbitrage
  • arbitrament
  • arbitration
  • bargaining
  • compromise
  • conciliation
  • conference
  • intercession
  • intermediation
  • interposition
  • intervention
  • mediation
  • mediatorship
  • negotiation
  • package bargaining
  • pattern bargaining
  • umpirage
  • Associated Concepts: collective bargaining unit

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English Legal System: Collective Bargaining

In the context of the English law, A Dictionary of Law provides the following legal concept of Collective Bargaining : Negotiations between trade unions (acting for their members) and employers about terms and conditions of employment. Under the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992, a collective agreement (an agreement between trade union and employer resulting from collective bargaining) is not legally binding unless it is in writing and specifically states the parties’ intention to be bound. Unenforceable collective agreements frequently include terms (relating to pay, discipline, etc.) that will become incorporated in individual employees’ binding contracts of employment. In these respects the written particulars of employees’ contracts, which the employer must give under the Employment Rights Act 1996, must refer the employee to the collective agreement, which must be reasonably accessible to him. Terms of a collective agreement that discriminate on grounds of sex may be challenged by individuals in a court or employment tribunal on the ground that they contravene the principle of equal treatment. When a collective agreement provides that individual employees’ contracts will circumscribe their right to strike, the employees will only be bound if their contracts contain that provision and the collective agreement was negotiated by an *independent trade union, is in writing, and is readily accessible to employees during working hours. The parties to a collective agreement containing procedures for determining complaints of unfair dismissal may apply to the Secretary of State for an order that those procedures be substituted for the statutory jurisdiction of employment tribunals. An order will only be made if the agreement was negotiated by an independent trade union, sufficiently identifies the employees affected, and gives them remedies as beneficial as the statutory scheme and a right to independent arbitration or adjudication.

See also disclosure of information; recognition procedure.


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What is the meaning of Collective Bargaining?

A definition of Collective Bargaining is provided here: The process by which a union represents employees in relations with their employer.


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Collective Bargaining


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