Category: Finance Law

  • Simulation

    Financial Definition of Simple Prospect Meaning of Simple Prospect An investment opportunity where a certain initial wealth is placed at risk and only two outcomes are possible. Related Entries of Simple […]

  • Bond


    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Bond Meaning of Bond A contract under seal to pay a sum of money ; a contract under seal acknowledging a debt, present or future. This is a single bond. A double bond is one where there is a condition […]

  • Dealer

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Dealer Meaning of Dealer One who buys to sell again; one who trades in, buys or sells goods on his own account . Brown & Zortman machinery Co. v Citv of Pittsburgh, 100 A.2d 98, 375 Pa. 250. <div […]

  • Economic Union

    An agreement between two or more countries that allows the free movement of capital, labor, all goods and services, and involves the harmonization and unification of social, fiscal, and monetary policies….

  • Sole Proprietorship

    Sole Proprietorship

    A business owned by a single individual. The sole proprietorship pays no corporate income tax but has unlimited liability for business debts and obligations….

  • Eurobond

    A bond that is (1) underwritten by an international syndicate, (2) offered at issuance simultaneously to investors in a number of countries, and (3) issued outside the jurisdiction of any single country….

  • Discounting

    Calculating the present value of a future amount. The process is opposite to compounding….

  • Delivery


    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Delivery Meaning of Delivery The act by which the res or substance thereof is placed within the actual or constructive possession or control of another. In the sale of goods , delivery takes place when […]

  • Monetary Policy

    Financial Definition of Monetary Policy Meaning of Monetary Policy Actions taken by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System to influence the money supply or interest rates. Related Entries of […]

  • Debt


    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Debt Meaning of Debt That which is due from one person to another, whether money , goods or services; that which one person is bound to pay or perform for another. Garsson v American Diesel Engine Corp., […]

  • Cash Flow

    Financial Definition of Cash Flow Meaning of Cash Flow In investments, it represents earnings before depreciation , amortization and non-cash charges. Sometimes called cash earnings. Cash flow from operations (called funds from operations ) by […]

  • Eurodollar

    This is an American dollar that has been deposited in a European bank or an U.S. bank branch located in Europe. It got there as a result of payments made to overseas companies for merchandise….

  • Broker

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Broker Meaning of Broker One who exercises the calling of negotiating between parties ; the business of buying or selling or any other lawful transactions. A person whose business it is to bring a buyer […]

  • Reserve Currency

    A foreign currency held by a central bank or monetary authority for the purposes of exchange intervention and the settlement of inter-governmental claims….

  • Merger


    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Merger Meaning of Merger In relation to corporations, the term denotes the amalgamation of two corporations to form a new one. The absorption of one corporation by another, which retains its name and […]