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Meaning of Press

The aggregate of publications issuing from the press or giving publicity to one’s sentiments and opinions through the medium of printing. radio and television stations are in some but not all respects, technological extension of the word press within First amendment to the federal constitution . Evans v American Fed. of Telev. and Radio Artists, (D.C.N.Y.) 354 F.Supp. 823.

Press Alternative Definition

In old practice. A piece or skin of parchment, several of which used to be sewed together in making up a roll pr record of proceedings. See 1 Bl. Comm. 183; Towns. PI. 486.

Synonyms of Press

(Beseech), verb

  • adjure
  • appeal
  • ask earnestly
  • beg
  • call upon
  • enjoin
  • entreat
  • exhort
  • impetrate
  • implore
  • importune
  • petition
  • plead
  • request
  • supplicate
  • urge
  • urgere

(Constrain), verb

  • bear down on
  • bind
  • bring pressure to bear
  • coerce
  • command
  • compel
  • decree
  • demand
  • drive
  • enforce
  • exact
  • extort
  • force
  • impel
  • impose
  • insist
  • make
  • make necessary
  • necessitate
  • obligate
  • oblige
  • order
  • put pressure on
  • put under obligation
  • require
  • take no denial
  • urge forward
  • wring

(Goad), verb

  • aggravate
  • agonize
  • annoy
  • badger
  • beset
  • bother
  • browbeat
  • carp at
  • disquiet
  • drive
  • harry
  • heckle
  • hector
  • hound
  • incite
  • instigare
  • instigate
  • irritate
  • molest
  • persecute
  • pester
  • plague
  • prod
  • provoke
  • put pressure on
  • stir up
  • taunt
  • tease
  • torment
  • trouble
  • vex
  • worry


  • authors
  • columnists
  • commentators
  • contributors
  • correspondents
  • editors
  • interviewers
  • journalistic writers
  • journalists
  • literary publications
  • media
  • members of the media
  • members of the press
  • news business
  • news gatherers
  • newsmen
  • newspaper world
  • newspaperman
  • newspapers
  • newswriters
  • publicists
  • publishers
  • reporters
  • Associated Concepts: censorship
  • First Amendment
  • freedom of speech
  • freedom of the press

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This term is a noun.

Etimology of Press

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c. 1300, presse, “crowd, throng, company; crowding and jostling of a throng; a massing together,” from Old French presse; this term is also a noun. “throng, crush, crowd; wine or cheese press” (11c.), from Latin pressare (see press (v.1)). Late Old English had press “clothes press.” Meaning “device for pressing cloth” is from late 14c., as is also the sense “device to squeeze juice from grapes, oil from olives, cider from apples, etc.,” from Middle French presse. Specific sense “machine for printing” is from 1530s; this was extended to publishing houses by 1570s and to publishing generally (in phrases like freedom of the press) from c. 1680. This gradually shifted c. 1800-1820 to “periodical publishing, journalism.” The press, meaning “journalists collectively” is attested from 1921 (though superseded by media since the rise of television, etc.). Press agent is from 1873; press conference is attested from 1931, though the thing itself dates to at least World War I. Press secretary is recorded from 1940. Via the sense “crowd, throng,” Middle English in press meant “in public,” a coincidental parallel to the modern phrase in the press. Weightlifting sense is from 1908. The basketball defense so called from 1959 (in full-court press).


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