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A measure of duration. Also, a point in duration; date; occasion. standard time is the mean solar time defined by the motion of a fictitious sun called the mean sun which is imagined to move with perfect uniformity, being sometimes behind the true sun and sometimes in advance of same. See Jones v German insurance Co., 110 Iowa 75, 81 N. W. 188. In the United States , there are four kinds of standard time namely , eastern, central mountain and pacific. These are based upon the actual sun time at the central degree of longitude of the region to which the particular standard time applies. See Solar time. while a day is a fraction of time, fractions of a day are not recognized in law. See Burnet v Willingham Loan & trust Co., 282 U.S. 437, 51 S.Ct. 185, 75 L.Ed. 448. where the time for doing anything is fixed by statute or contract , in modern times, the rule is to exclude the day of the act and that of the event , that is, the terminal days in competition. See pander v French, 3 Conn.Cir. 383, 215 A.2d690. However, in some jurisdictions, in computing the time for performance of an act or event which must take place a certain number of days before a known future day, one of the terminal days is included in the counting and the other is excluded. See Bulldog Concrete f.r.s. Sales Corp. v TayÂlor, (C.A. 7.) 195 F.2d417. Also see Rule6, federal Rules of civil procedure , Appendix 2.

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Time in the United States

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Time is of the essence clause

The court stated that while “time is not of the essence ordinarily in real estate (more in the U.S.) purchase contracts, `[w]here a time for performance is stated in an agreement, a party’s tender of performance within a reasonable time thereafter will be considered substantial performance. . . .’ Mihalyk v. Mihalyk, 11 Connecticut (provision) App. 610, 616, 529 A.2d 213 (1987). Bethlehem Christian Fellowship v. P. & Z. Comm., 58 Connecticut (provision) App. 441, 446,755 A.2d 249 (2000).

time: Vocabulary part of speech

do time (verb) + (noun)

Meaning of this part of speech

receive punishment for a crime by spending time in jail

time in an Example Sentence

You won’t be required to do any time but you will have to pay a fine.





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