Motion Meaning in the U.S. Court System

A request by a litigant to a judge for a decision on an issue relating to the case.

Meaning of Motion in the U.S. Legal System

Definition of Motion published by the National Association for Court Management: Oral or written request made by a party to an action before, during, or after a trial, upon which a court issues a ruling or order.

Meaning of Motion in Spanish

Description/ translation of motion into Spanish: instancia, petición (que hace al juez o al tribunal alguna de las partes en el curso del proceso); upon motion of the prosecuting attorney: a instancia del fiscal; motion to supress: instar la desestimación de una prueba; motion to set aside: instar la inadmisión; to file a motion with the Court: interesar del tribunal, instar al tribunal; motion denied: denegar, desestimar la instancia/ petición; motion granted: acceder a la petición/ instancia; motion to quash: instancia de anulación; motion to sever: instancia que hace la defensa al tribunal para obtener la separación de causas que están en principio acumuladas (bien por delitos de autores múltiples o bien por multiplicidad de acusaciones)[1]

Note: for more information on related terms and on the area of law where motion belongs (criminal procedure law), in Spanish, see here.

Notes and References

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Motion (Civil Judicial Process)





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