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Meaning of Event

Anything that happens or comes to pass as distinguished from a thing that exists. The consequence of anything, the issue , conclusion , end; that in which an operation or series of operations terminates; an occurrence.

Synonyms of Event


  • adventure
  • affair
  • development
  • episode
  • eventus
  • exitus
  • experience
  • factum
  • hap
  • happening
  • incident
  • marked occurrence
  • milestone
  • occasion
  • occurrence
  • proceeding
  • transaction
  • Associated Concepts: contingent event
  • fortuitous event
  • future event
  • person interested in the event
  • unforseen event
  • witness to an event foreign phrases: Casus fortuitus non est sperandus
  • et nemo tenetur devinare
  • A fortuitous event is not to be forseen
  • and no one is bound to expect it
  • Casus fortuitus non est supponendus
  • A fortuitous happening is not to be presumed

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This term is a noun.

Etimology of Event

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1570s, “the consequence of anything” (as in in the event that); 1580s, “that which happens;” from Middle French event, from Latin eventus “occurrence, accident, event, fortune, fate, lot, issue,” from past participle stem of evenire “to come out, happen, result,” from assimilated form of ex- “out” (see ex-) + venire “to come,” from a suffixed form of PIE root *gwa- “to go, come.” Meaning “a contest or single proceeding in a public sport” is from 1865. Events as “the course of events” is attested from 1842. Event horizon in astrophysics is from 1969.







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