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Meaning of Support

Sustenance, source or means of living. As a verb, means to furnish sustenance, source or means of livelihood. The term, in the context of domestic relations, denotes the duty of a husband to furnish necessities for his wife and children. See Greenspan v state , 12 N.J. 426, 97 A.2d 390.

Support Alternative Definition

In the law of easements. The right to rest the beams or framework of a building into a wall of an adjoining building. Also rights of lateral and subjacent support which pertain to owners of adjoining lands. See “Party Walls;” “Lateral Support.” In the law of decedents’ estates the term “support” is sometimes used as a synonym for the allowance of articles or money set apart for the survivor and children.

Synonyms of Support

(Assist), verb

  • accommodate
  • adesse
  • aid
  • back
  • bolster
  • champion
  • come to the defense of
  • come to the help of
  • contribute
  • cooperate with
  • defend
  • endorse
  • facilitate
  • feed
  • finance
  • furnish funds
  • further
  • help
  • lend money to
  • maintain
  • minister to
  • nourish
  • patronize
  • promote
  • protect
  • provide for
  • reinforce
  • second
  • subsidize
  • suffragan
  • supply the necessities of
  • sustain
  • take care of
  • take the part of
  • upholdforeign phrases: Parentum est liberos alere atiam nothos
  • It is the duty of parents to support their children even when illegitimate

(Assistance), noun

  • accommodation
  • adiumentum
  • aid
  • assist
  • assistance
  • auxilium
  • backing
  • comfort
  • contribution
  • cooperation
  • defense
  • encouragement
  • endowment
  • help
  • helping hand
  • lift
  • livelihood
  • mainstay
  • maintenance
  • patronage
  • preservation
  • promotion
  • protection
  • relief
  • subsistence
  • succor
  • subsidium
  • sustenance
  • upkeep Associated Concepts: alimony
  • child support
  • failure to provide support
  • inadequate support
  • maintenance

(Corroborate), verb

  • accredit
  • affirm
  • attest
  • authenticate
  • back up
  • bear out
  • buttress
  • certify
  • circumstantiate
  • confirm
  • establish
  • make absolute
  • make good
  • make more certain
  • prove
  • ratify
  • reinforce
  • strengthen
  • substantiate
  • sustain
  • uphold in evidence
  • validate
  • verify
  • vindicate
  • vouch for

(Corroboration), noun

  • affirmation
  • approval
  • attestation
  • authentication
  • backing
  • certification
  • circumstantiation
  • confirmation
  • documentation
  • endorsement
  • fortification
  • justification
  • ratification
  • strengthening
  • substantiation
  • validation
  • verification
  • vindication

(Justify), verb

  • account for
  • approve
  • defend
  • defend successfully
  • explain
  • give grounds for
  • make defense for
  • make legitimate
  • provide justification
  • say in defense
  • stand up for
  • vindicate

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Support in the context of Real Property

See: Lateral Support; Subjacent Support in this legal Dictionary.

Support in the context of Real Property

See: Lateral Support; Subjacent Support in this legal Dictionary.



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