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Rehabilitative Alimony

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Meaning of Rehabilitative Alimony

The term is descriptive of alimony to which a husband or wife may be entitled to enable him or her to develop or restore the capacity for self- support which has been undeveloped or completely lost during marriage. It assumes a pre-existing potential or actual capacity for self-support which had been lost during marriage. Patterson v Patterson, (Fla.App.) 315 So.2d 104. The term denotes that amount of money or thing of value reasonably necessary to supplement means already available to the person seeking such alimony from earnings , accumulations or otherwise , reasonably required during postmarriage period to maintain the recipient until he or she is in the exercise of reasonable efforts and endeavors, in a position of sole support. See Sisson v Sisson, (Fla. App.)311 So.2d 799.

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Rehabilitative Alimony Legal Definition

Rehabilitative Alimony in Connecticut

Alimony (see more about Alimony in the U.S.) payable for a short, but specific and terminable period of time, which will cease when recipient is, in the exercise of reasonable efforts, in a position of self-support. (emphasis added). Turner v. Turner, 385 A.2d 1280 (1978).

Note: Definition based in the Connecticut Judicial Branch Family Glossary

Meaning of Rehabilitative Alimony


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