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while the word sometimes has an offensive meaning, its natural and usual meaning is particular or special. St. Louis M.& S.E.R. Co. v Continental Brick Co., 96 S. W. 1011, 198 Mo. 698.

Peculiar Alternative Definition

In ecclesiastical law. A parish or church in England which has jurisdiction Of ecclesiastical matters within itself, and independent of the ordinary. They may be either:
(1) Royal, which include the sovereign’s free chapels.
(2) Of the archbishops, excluding the jurisdiction of the bishops and archdeacons.
(8) Of the bishops, excluding the jurisdiction of the bishop of the diocese in which they are situated.
(4) Of the bishops in their own diocese, excluding archdiaconal jurisdiction.
(5) Of deans, deans and chapters, prebendaries, and the like, excluding the bishop’s jurisdiction in consequence of ancient compositions. The court of peculiars has jurisdiction of causes arising in such of these peculiars as are subject to the metropolitan of Canterbury. In other peculiars the jurisdiction is exercised by commissaries. 1 Phillim. Ecc. Law, 202, note 245; Skin. 589; 3 Bl. Comm. 65. PECULjUM (Lat.) In civil law. The most ancient kind of peculium was the peculium profectitium of the Roman law, which signified that portion of the property acquired by a son or slave which the father or master allowed him, to be managed as he saw fit. In modern civil law there are other kinds of peculium, viz., pecalinm castrense, which includes all movables given to a son by relatives and friends on his going on a campaign, all the presents of comrades, and his military pay and the things bought with it; peculium quasi castrense, which includes all acquired by a son by performing the duties of a public or spiritual office or of an advocate, and also gifts from the reigning prince; peculium adventitium, which includes the property of son’s mother and relatives on that side of the house, and all which comes to him on a second marriage of his parents, and, in general, all his acquisitions which do not come from his father’s property, and do not come under castrense or quasi casfrense peculium. The peculium, profectitium remains the property of the father. , The peculium castreiise and quasi castrense are entirely the property of the son. The peculium adventitium belongs to the son, but he cannot alien it nor dispose of it by will; nor can the father, unless under peculiar circumstances, alien it without consent of son. Mackeld. Civ. Law, §§557-559; Vicat; Inst. 2. 9. 1; Dig. 15. 1. 5. 3; Poth. ad Pand. lib. 50, tit. 17, c. 2, art. 3.

Synonyms of Peculiar

(Curious), adjective

  • aberrant
  • abnormal
  • abnormous
  • alien
  • anomalis : anomalistical
  • anomalous
  • astonishing
  • bizarre
  • eccentric
  • foreign
  • inexplicable irregular
  • littleknown
  • mysterious
  • mystifying
  • odd
  • a of place
  • out of the ordinary
  • out of the way
  • ouL;r dish
  • perplexing
  • preternatural
  • puzzling
  • queer
  • rart remarkable
  • signal
  • singular
  • startling
  • strange
  • sup ernatural
  • surprising
  • unaccountable
  • unaccustorr
  • i: unclassified
  • unconformable
  • unconventional
  • uncustomary
  • unexampled
  • unexpected
  • unfamiliar
  • unheard of
  • unimaginable
  • unnatural
  • unorthodox

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Meaning of Peculiar in the Past

In England (see more about this legal system) , a particular parish or church, which has, within itself, independent of the ordinary jurisdiction, power to grant probate (see more about this popular legal topic in the U.S. encyclopedia) of wills and the like. 1 Eng. Eccl. R. 72, note; Shelf. on Mar. & Div. 538. Vide Court of peculiars.[1]


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  1. Partialy, this information about peculiar is based on the Bouvier´s Law Dictionary, 1848 edition. There is a list of terms of the Bouvier´s Law Dictionary, including peculiar.

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