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A solemn declaration of dissent . An express declaration by a person doing an act that the act is not to give rise to an implication which it might otherwise cause . In relation to bills of exchange , negotiable instruments, promissory notes and other commercial paper , the term means the formal declaration drawn up and signed by a notary that he presented the bill for acceptance or for payment and that same was refused. §3-509 of the U.C.C. defines the term as a certificate of dishonor made under the hand and seal of a United States consul or Vice-Consul or a Notary public or other person authorized to certify dishonor by the law of the place where dishonor occurs. It must identify the instrument and certify either that due presentment has been made or the reason why it is excused and that the instrument has been dishonored by non- acceptance or non-payment.

Protest Alternative Definition

In Mercantile Law. A notarial act, made for want of payment of a promissory note, or for want of acceptance or payment of a bill of exchange by a notary public, in which it is declared that all parties to such instruments will be held responsible to the holder for all damages, exchanges, re-exchange, etc. In Legislation. A declaration made by one or more members of a legislative body that they do not agree with some act or resolution of the body. It is usual to add the reasons which the protestants have for such a dissent. In Maritime Law. A writing, attested by a justice of the peace, a notary public, or a consul, made and verified by the master of a vessel, stating the severity of a voyage by which a ship has suffered, and showing that it was not owing to the neglect or misconduct of the master. See Marsh. Ins. 715, 716; 1 Wash. C. C. (U. S.) 145, 238, 408, note; 1 Pet. C. C. (U. S.) 119; 1 Dall. (Pa.) 6, 10, 317; 2 DalL (Pa.) 195; 3 Watts & S. (Pa.) 144.

Synonyms of Protest


  • announce
  • attack
  • challenge
  • complain
  • contradict
  • contravene
  • cry out against
  • dehort
  • demur
  • denounce
  • deny
  • disaffirm
  • disagree
  • disapprove
  • disclaim
  • discountenance
  • dispute
  • dissent
  • exclaim against
  • exhort against
  • express opposition
  • go contrary to
  • impugn
  • intercedere
  • inveigh
  • negate
  • oppose
  • raise objections
  • recwsare
  • refuse
  • remonstrate
  • reprehend
  • repudiate
  • revolt
  • speak against
  • take exception
  • traverse
  • veto
  • vote against
  • Associated Concepts: payment under protest
  • protest a will
  • protest an election
  • written notice of protest


  • challenge
  • clamor
  • complaint
  • counteraction
  • criticism
  • declaration of disapproval
  • declaration of dissent
  • declaration of opposition
  • defiance
  • demonstration
  • disapproval
  • dissent
  • dissidence
  • formal criticism
  • formal declaration
  • formal declaration of dissent
  • hostile demonstration
  • opposition
  • outcry
  • recusatio
  • remonstrance
  • remonstration
  • repudiation
  • resistance
  • Associated Concepts: file a protest

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A Formal Declaration Made By A Notary Declaring A Default In Payment On A Promissory Note.

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