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Meaning of Device

invention or contrivance, any result of design.

Synonyms of Device

(Contrivance), noun

  • artifice
  • circumvention
  • craft
  • design
  • gimmick
  • machina
  • machination
  • maneuver
  • means to an end
  • method
  • plan
  • program of action
  • project
  • resort
  • ruse
  • scheme
  • setup
  • stratagem
  • subtle maneuver
  • system
  • trick
  • wile
  • working plan
  • working proposition

(Distinguishing mark), noun

  • badge of office
  • design
  • designation
  • earmark
  • emblem
  • ensign
  • hallmark
  • identification mark
  • indicant
  • inscnptio
  • insignia
  • label
  • mark that designates
  • sign
  • symbol
  • token
  • trademark

(Mechanism), noun

  • apparatus
  • appliance
  • equipment
  • facility
  • fixture
  • gadget
  • gear
  • implement
  • instrument
  • invention
  • mechanical aid
  • tool
  • utensil
  • Associated Concepts: safety device

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