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Meaning of Doctrine

A rule or principle of law developed as contained in decisions of the courts.

Synonyms of Doctrine


  • belief
  • canon
  • credendum
  • credo
  • creed
  • dogma
  • formulated belief
  • gospel
  • maxim
  • orthodoxy
  • philosophy
  • precept
  • principle
  • professed belief
  • rule
  • system
  • system of belief
  • teaching
  • teachings
  • tenet
  • universal principle
  • Associated Concepts: added risk doctrine
  • avoidable consequences doctrine
  • beneficial consideration doctrine
  • collateral source doctrine
  • cy pres doctrine
  • de facto doctrine
  • doctrine of abstention
  • doctrine of assumed risk
  • doctrine of avoidable consequences
  • doctrine of last clear chance
  • doctrine of recrimination
  • doctrine of relation back
  • doctrineofresjudicata
  • doctrine of subrogation
  • doctrine of the law of the case
  • doctrine of unclean hands
  • doctrine of unjust enrichment
  • emergency doctrine
  • exclusive control doctrine
  • exhaustion of remedies doctrine
  • humanitarian doctrine
  • imminent peril doctrine
  • last clear chance
  • main purpose doctrine
  • res ipsa loquitur doctrine
  • rescue doctrine

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Doctrine in the law of the United States

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Exclusionary Rule (in the U.S. Legal Encyclopedia) Precedence (in the U.S. Legal Encyclopedia) Preferred Position Doctrine (in the U.S. Legal Encyclopedia).

Definition of Doctrine

In relation to social issues, a meaning of doctrine is provided here: A principle or body of principles presented for acceptance or belief, as by a religious, political, scientific, or philosophic group; dogma, e.g., Monroe Doctrine

Doctrine (Judicial Policies)







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