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Meaning of Apparent

That which is obvious ; easily perceived; capable of being seen. In law of agency, apparent or ostensible authority of an agent is that authority which principal does not actually grant the agent but which the principal knowingly permits the agent to exercise or holds agent out as possessing. See Continental-St. Louis Corp. v Rav Scharf Co., 400 S. W.2d 467. The doctrine of apparent authority is applicable when a principal places an agent in such situation that one of ordinary prudence would reasonably be led to believe that agent has authority to perform the acts he is performing. See Blanton vJohn Hancock Mut. Life Ins. Co., 345 F. Supp. 168.

Synonyms of Apparent

(Perceptible), adjective

  • able to be seen
  • clear
  • conspicuous
  • definite
  • detectable
  • discernible
  • distinct
  • easily seen
  • evident
  • explicit
  • exposed
  • express
  • fetus
  • identifiable
  • in sight
  • in view
  • indubitable
  • known
  • manifest
  • manifestus
  • noticeable
  • notorious
  • obvious
  • open
  • open to view
  • overt
  • palpable
  • patent
  • perceivable
  • plain
  • real
  • recognizable
  • self evident
  • showing
  • species
  • tangible
  • uncovered
  • undisguised
  • videor
  • viewable
  • visible
  • Associated Concepts: apparent ability
  • apparent agency
  • apparent authority
  • apparent cause
  • apparent danger
  • apparent defect
  • apparent easement
  • apparent from the record
  • apparent necessity
  • apparent ownership
  • apparent partnership
  • apparent risk
  • apparent scope of authority
  • apparent use

(Presumptive), adjective

  • appearing
  • assumptive
  • conjectural
  • contemplated
  • evidential
  • expected
  • hopeful
  • intended
  • likely
  • logical
  • manifest
  • ostensible
  • plausible
  • premised
  • presumable
  • probable
  • proposed
  • prepositional
  • prospective
  • seeming
  • suggestive
  • supposable
  • supposed
  • suppositional
  • suppositionary
  • suppositive
  • taken for granted
  • to be supposed
  • Associated Concepts: apparent heir
  • apparent validity
  • foreign phrases: Quod constat clare non debet verificari
  • What is clearly apparent is not required to be proved
  • Quod constat curiae opere testium non indiget
  • That which appears to the court needs not the help of witnesses

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What does Apparent mean in American Law?

The definition of Apparent in the law of the United States, as defined by the lexicographer Arthur Leff in his legal dictionary is:

A term with two almost opposite meanings. Apparent can mean obvious, clear to even a cursory inspection, as in, “That he was lying was apparent to everyone in the room.” But, especially in the adverbial form “apparently,” it can be roughly equivalent to “it appears that,” i.e., can express mild doubt, or unwillingness to believe, or surprise, or at least only hearsay or another insecure evidence, whether something were actually the case, as in “I had apparently gone through the red light.” See also heir apparent.







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