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Meaning of Beneficial

Benefitting or tending to benefit ; advantageous; helpful.

Synonyms of Beneficial


  • advantageous
  • aidful
  • aiding
  • anodyne
  • availing
  • beneficent
  • benign
  • benignant
  • conducive
  • constructive
  • contributive
  • contributory
  • convenient
  • cooperative
  • edifying
  • efficacious
  • favorable
  • fertile
  • for one”s good
  • for one”s interest
  • functional
  • gainful
  • good for one”s advantage
  • helpful
  • helping
  • improving
  • invaluable
  • obliging
  • of general utility
  • of service
  • of value
  • paying
  • practicable
  • practical
  • productive
  • proficuous
  • profitable
  • prolific
  • promoting
  • propitious
  • prosperous
  • remunerative
  • salubrious
  • salutaris
  • salutary
  • salu tiferous
  • serendipitous
  • to one”s advantage
  • usable
  • useful
  • utilis
  • utilitarian
  • valuable
  • worthwhile Associated Concepts: beneficial association
  • beneficial enjoyment
  • beneficial estate
  • beneficial gift
  • beneficial interest
  • beneficial owner
  • beneficial power
  • beneficial purposes
  • beneficial use

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What does Beneficial mean in American Law?

The definition of Beneficial in the law of the United States, as defined by the lexicographer Arthur Leff in his legal dictionary is:

An adjective widely employed in legal contexts to distinguish a right or power one possesses for his own use and enjoyment from one possessed for the use and enjoyment of another. The primary locus for this distinction is found in the law of trusts: The trustee has legal title to the trust property, but he holds it on behalf of the beneficiary of the trust, the latter having the “beneficial interest.” Similarly, the vendee under a contract for the sale of real property is said to be “beneficial owner,” even though the vendor still holds title.

Most property, of course, is held both legally and beneficially, i.e., the person with title also has the right to use and enjoyment. Indeed so much is that taken for granted that it would be odd to describe the owner of a fee simple interest in real property as the “beneficial owner,” or to say that he has the “beneficial enjoyment,” or owns the “beneficial estate,” or is “beneficially entitled” to ownership; he is just “the owner,” and that he owns it for himself is just assumed.







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