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Meaning of Speech

In the broad sense, the term embodies all means of expression and communication and is the primary behavior by which individuals and organizations converse and transmit ideas, information and knowledge . See First Unitarian church of L.A. v Los Angeles county , 311 P.2d 508, 48 C.2d 419.

Synonyms of Speech


  • address
  • allocution
  • articulation
  • audible expression
  • colloquy
  • confabulation
  • conversation
  • declamation
  • declaration
  • delivery
  • dialect
  • diction
  • discourse
  • enunciation
  • expression
  • idiom
  • interlocution
  • language
  • lecture
  • lingo
  • locution
  • oral communication
  • oral expression
  • oratio
  • oration
  • oratory
  • palaver
  • parlance
  • phonation
  • phraseology
  • prattle
  • pronouncement
  • pronunciation
  • recital
  • recitation
  • rhetoric
  • say
  • sermon
  • spoken language
  • spoken word
  • statement
  • talk
  • tongue
  • utterance
  • verbal expression
  • verbal intercourse
  • vocalization
  • words
  • Associated Concepts: First Amendment
  • freedom of speechforeign phrases: Lubricum linguae non facile trahendum est in poenam
  • A slip of the tongue ought not readily be subjected to punishment

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