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The perception of the mind as to facts, information and intelligence. Utley v Hill. As an element of a criminal offense, awareness of those facts which are essential to the unlawfulness of the act alleged as criminal. Within the meaning of a clause of an insurance policy for voiding the contract upon thecommencement of foreclosure proceedings “with the knowledge of the insured”: actual knowledge or actual notice. It has been generally held that under a fidelity bond or policy providing for notice of loss within a specified time after the insured has “knowledge of,” “learned of,” “discovered,” or “become aware of” a loss or a dishonest act, the insured is not required to act respecting the notice provision until he has actual knowledge of the loss or dishonest act. See current knowledge, actual notice; guilty knowledge; notice.

Meaning of Knowledge

Acquaintance with facts; state of being aware of something or of possessing information ; scope of information. Farmliarity gained by actual experience, practical skill, technical acquaintance and also act of state of understanding, clear perception of fact or truth , cognition.

Knowledge Alternative Definition

Positive assurance of a fact. It is not synonymous with information, 21 Pac. 39, or notice, 1 So. 777, and differs from belief in degree. The act or state of knowing; clear perception of fact; that which is or may be known. Acquainted with things ascertained or ascertainable; specific information, 28 Ind. App. 367; a firm belief, 9 Gray (Mass.) 271. It implies actual notice as distinguished from constructive notice. 176 Iowa 316. Believe; to exercise trust or confidence; to be persuaded upon evidence, arguments and deductions, or by other circumstances other than personal knowledge. 28 Ind. App. 367.

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Synonyms of Knowledge

(Awareness), noun

  • acquaintance
  • apperception
  • appreciation
  • appreciativeness
  • cognition
  • cognizance
  • comprehension
  • consciousness
  • discernment
  • enlightenment
  • familiarity
  • grasp
  • information
  • intellection
  • intelligence
  • ken
  • knowhow
  • mindfulness
  • perception
  • perceptiveness
  • percipience
  • realization
  • recognition
  • understanding Associated Concepts: actual knowledge
  • actual notice
  • common knowledge
  • constructive knowledge
  • discovery
  • full knowledge
  • guilty knowledge
  • implied knowledge
  • imputed knowledge
  • judicial notice
  • knowledge sufficient to form a belief
  • scienter

(Learning), noun

  • erudition
  • expertise
  • familiarity
  • familiarization
  • information
  • ken
  • knowhow
  • mastery
  • proficiency
  • scholarship
  • scientia
  • skill
  • study
  • wisdom foreign phrases: Idem est scire aut scire debet aut potuisse
  • To be bound to know or to be able to know is the same as to know
  • Lex neminem cogit ostendere quod nescire praesumitur
  • The law compels no one to divulge that which he is presumed not to know
  • Scienti et volenti non fit injuria
  • A wrong is not done to a person who understands and consents
  • Ignorantia praesumitur ubi scientia non probatur
  • Ignorance is presumed where knowledge is not proved
  • Ignorantia facti
  • Ignorance of facts excuses; ignorance of law does not excuse
  • Scientia utrimque par pares contrahentesfacit
  • Equal knowledge on both sides makes the contracting parties equal

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