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Meaning of Transmit

To transfer ; to communicate as by wire, cable etc.

Synonyms of Transmit


  • bear
  • carry
  • cede
  • communicate
  • conduct
  • consign
  • convey
  • deliver
  • dispatch
  • forward
  • give
  • hand on
  • hand over
  • impart
  • issue
  • pass
  • pass on
  • provide
  • radiate
  • remit
  • send
  • send a message
  • send on
  • ship
  • transfer
  • transmitiere
  • transport

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Legal Usage of Transmit in English

An European Commission document offers the following explanation about the misused of Transmit:’Transmit’ normally refers to radio or television, or possibly the Morse code. When sending something by letter, email or fax, we normally say ‘send’. If we are sending something on that has been sent to us, we say ‘forward’ or ‘send on’ rather than ‘retransmit’.

Examples ‘The Court would thus be required to transmit its draft report on the same day that the Commission is required to transmit its synthesis report on the operation of the internal control system158.’ ‘Where appropriate, each Member State shall retransmit to the NEAFC Secretary reports and messages received from its vessels in accordance with Articles 9 and 11 of Regulation (EU) No 1236/2010, subject to the following amendments159.’


send, forward.


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