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To make able; to give means or power to. A provision in a statute is said to be an enabling provision when: 1. it legalizes that which was hitherto illegal or incompetent ; or 2. when it merely empowers or makes possible the doing of something, confers a Discretionary power as contrasted with a mandatory or peremptory direction.

Synonyms of Enable


  • abet
  • aid
  • allow
  • approve
  • arm
  • assist
  • authorize
  • capacitate
  • confer
  • consent
  • emancipate
  • empower
  • endow
  • facilitate
  • facultatem
  • facere
  • give ability
  • give authority
  • give means
  • give permission
  • give power
  • grant
  • help
  • homini rei
  • implement
  • indulge
  • invest
  • let
  • liberate
  • license
  • make able
  • make capable
  • make possible
  • make practicable
  • permit
  • privilege
  • provide
  • provide means
  • qualify
  • release
  • remove a disability
  • render assistance
  • render competent
  • sanction
  • strengthen
  • supply with means
  • support Associated Concepts: enabling act
  • enabling legislation
  • enabling statute

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