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Meaning of Refuse

To deny, decline, fail to do something, omit, neglect . To reject, as to refuse an offer ; sometimes equivalent to fail. A motion is said to be refused when the court declines to grant the relief asked for in the motion. As a noun, the term signifies waste materials; that which is rejected; rubbish.

Synonyms of Refuse


  • abjure
  • abnegate
  • abstain
  • balk
  • bar
  • be obstinate
  • be unwilling
  • beg to be excused
  • cast aside
  • debar
  • decline
  • demur
  • deny
  • disaccord with
  • disallow
  • disapprove
  • disavow
  • disclaim
  • discountenance
  • discredit
  • dismiss
  • disown
  • dispense with
  • dissent
  • exclude
  • forswear
  • grudge
  • hesitate
  • holdback
  • negative
  • object to
  • oppose
  • pass up
  • prohibit
  • protest
  • rebuff
  • recoil
  • regret
  • reject
  • renege
  • renounce
  • repel
  • repudiate
  • resist
  • revoke
  • scruple
  • send regrets
  • shirk
  • shun
  • shy at
  • spurn
  • stick at
  • stickle
  • traverse
  • turn down
  • turn from
  • veto
  • withdraw
  • withhold consent

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English Spanish Translation of Refuse

To refuse to give (or to grant) one’s consent: Rehusar dar el consentimiento

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