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Meaning of Neglect

To fail to do something, to leave out, omit through carelessness. The term may also be equivalent to fault and imprudence. A disregard of duty owing to indifference or wilfulness. Pima county Adoption of B-6355 and H-533, (Matter o appeal )575 P.2d326, 118 Ariz. 127. Neglect is said to stand in the same categor; with wrongful act, implying an omissior. of duty. Northern P.R. Co. v Adams, 191 U.S. 440, 24 S.Ct. 408, 48 L.Ed. 513.

Adoption Legal Definition of Neglect

The failure to provide for the child’s basic needs. Neglect can be physical, educational or emotional. Physical neglect can include not providing adequate food or clothing, appropriate medical care, supervision or proper weather protection (heat or coats). Educational neglect includes failure to provide appropriate schooling, special educational needs or allowing excessive truancies. Psychological neglect includes the lack of any emotional support and love, chronic inattention to the child, exposure to spouse abuse or drug and alcohol abuse.

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Synonyms of Neglect


  • abandonment
  • absentmindedness
  • breach
  • bungling
  • careless abandon
  • carelessness
  • default
  • delinquency
  • dereliction
  • disregard
  • failure
  • heedlessness
  • idleness
  • improvidence
  • imprudence
  • inaction
  • inadvertence
  • inattention
  • inattentiveness
  • incuria
  • indifference
  • indiligence
  • indiligentia
  • inexecution
  • inexertion
  • laches
  • laxity
  • laxness
  • misprision
  • neglegentia
  • negligence
  • noncompletion
  • noncompliance
  • nonfeasance
  • nonfulfillment
  • nonobservance
  • nonperformance
  • omission
  • oversight
  • procrastination
  • prodigality
  • rashness
  • recklessness
  • remissness
  • slackness
  • slight
  • sloth
  • slovenliness
  • thoughtlessness
  • unactivity
  • unalertness
  • unconcern
  • unconscientiousnessunheedfulnessunmindfulness
  • unobservance
  • unwariness
  • unwatchfulness
  • Associated Concepts: culpable neglect
  • neglect of duty
  • neglect to act
  • neglect to prosecute
  • willful neglectforeign phrases: Magna culpa dolus est
  • Gross neglect is the equivalent of fraud


  • be careless
  • be inattentive
  • be lax
  • deserere
  • disdain
  • disregard
  • fail
  • forget
  • gloss over
  • ignore
  • intermittere
  • lay aside
  • leave alone
  • lose sight of
  • neglegere
  • not care for
  • not use
  • omit
  • overlook
  • pass by
  • pass over
  • pay no attention
  • pay no heed to
  • pay no regard to
  • pretermit
  • procrastinate
  • refuse to recognize
  • shirk
  • shun
  • skip
  • slight
  • take no note
  • take no notice

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